Thursday, January 6, 2011

2010....My Thoughts.

I Haven't Did This In A Minute So Bare With Me! No Kanye Interruptions Please!! Lol

Man 2010....
2010 Was A Good Year...I Wanted To Do This When It Was Official 2011 So I Wouldn't Jinx How Great 2010 Was For Me...It Wasn't My Livest Year, But It Was My Best Year To Date. I Grew Up A lot And Found Out Things About Myself I Never Knew, I Can Officially Say I Became An Adult. 2010 Took Me Back To The Essence Of Who I Am, And Showed Me The Path To Where I Want To Go. Not Only Did I Mature But My Style Did Aswell. All I Can Say Is That I'm Appreciative For Everything From Family To Material Shit. I Finally Learned To Values Of Hard Work And How Much It Means To Work For Everything You Have. 2010 May Have Just Been The Beginning Of What The Rest Of My Life Will Be Like...I Chased Some Dreams, Lost Some Battles, But Overall Kept It Fly. I Know This Momentum Won't Last Forever But I Want To Continue This For As Long I Can. Its Only The Top From Here. Trust Me I'm Comin! I Got A Vision In My Head And I Won't Stop Till I Accomplish It. And To Those Reading This Thanks For Fuckin With Me For These Past 2 Years! You Don't Know How Much I Appreciate It!!!! I Love Ya!!! This Only The Beginning For Us! 20111111111111!!!! LEEEEEEEGGGGOOOO!