Friday, April 30, 2010


I Can't Stop Watchin This Video For Obvious Reasons! 8-D...Ciara Will You Marry Me.

An Experience....

Man I Seen The Growth This Dude Has Had Since His First Album Till Now...I Can't Do Nothing But Respect It...He's Killin The Game Right Now...You Cannot Deny Talent...And If You Missed His MTV Unplugged Here It Go!...The Homie Mix The Old With The New...#NICCCE!

***I Apologize For The Commercials In Advance! It's Worth It Tho...

Thursday, April 29, 2010

"MEAN!!!!! ....WHO YOU WIT?!"

BXL- The Kennel Produced By DJ. Jazzy Joyce
This Video Reminds Me Of The Vintage Bronx Videos..Motorcycles Out! Block Live!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Get Ready! :-X

Untitled 4


Untitled 6


USA 19-82

Crack is Wack

Haring Shhhhhh! :-X

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

"Take A Stroll Down Memory Lane..."

This Post Was Inspired By My Big Brova Eno Bull ....We Discussed His New Post Which Led To The ILL Conversation About Air Jordans...If You Didn't Know Back Then Having Air Jordans Meant Something More That Just A Pair Of Sneakers On Your Feet...If Your A Sneaker Head You Probably Know What I'm Talking About. The Good Days! It Was Like Having A Rolex On Your Feet ...Or A Maserati, Porsche, Ferrari All That Combined! Not Only For The Status But For The Stories, Every Person Has That Story About Their First Pair Like It's Their First Time! (No Offense To The Virgins Lmao) But It's Like THAT! So I Would Like To Share With Ya My Story...

My Very First Pair Of Air Jordans Came When I Was The Age Of 8...My Parents Had Just Saved Up Enough Money To Buy My Sister And I Any Pair Of Shoes We Wanted. Back In The Day There Was A Dr. Jay Around My Block Where The Kids Sneakers Was In The Back Of The Store Up A Ramp Or Something Lol...Behind The Jackets And White Tees Lol...I Really Wanted A Pair Of Mountain Gears That Day But They Were Sold Out. So Thats When I Seen These Red And Black XIII's And I Fell In Love. I Wore Those Sneakers Every Day! Until My Feet Grew A Couple Sizes. And Had Em Up Until 2003...I Was Saving Them For My First Born...Thats How Special They Were To Me...But With That I Say This...I Still Wear My Air Jordans Even With The Decline Of The Brand Because I Have So Much Memories...So For Every Sneaker I Post I'll Share A Lil Story Behind Them...

I Got A Chance To Buy Them Again When They Re-Released! I Felt Like That Day In 98! Came Full Circle! I Actually Might Wear Them 2morrow! Just To Honor The Moment! Lol
The Perfect Marriage!

These Were Actually My Sisters...She Ain't Want Them No More And I More That Happily Accepted Them...I Wanted These Bad...But That Year I Was Getting Bad Grades So My Parents Gave Her Money And Deaded Me...Fuck It I Still Got Em At The End!...I Rarely Wear These...But They Fuckin FLYY!!
I Cried For These! I'm Not Even Sure When These Came In Play!...I Don't Wear Em @ All...I'm Stashing These!
I Got These Back In 2006...These ARE FUCKIN RIDICULOUS STILL!!...I Remember I Went Thru Every Store In The Bronx Looking For These...Then I Hit Every Store In Manhattan...Idk Where I Found These..But They Were In The Clutch! Cuz All The Stores Were Closing Down! I Was Like NOOOOO! I Gotta Find Them!

I Got These Back In 2008...Funny Part Is When I Wore Them The First Time With Aqua Skinnys...Sheeesssh!!! Everybody Thought I Was Fly Tho...Fuck IT!...I Wear These Once In While! They One Of My Favorite Of All Time!

"I Was Actually Looking For The White And Grey Ones...And The Dude And Footaction Looked At Me Like I Was Crazy...I Was About To Pass These Up For Something Else...Glad I Didn't! Got These In 2004!"

I Got These Back In 2006...These Were The Flyest Kicks Out At The Time...I Still Wear These Too...They Odee Comfortable...But In 2008 I Went Out To Honduras And Played Ball With Them In A Tournament...Some Dude Stepped On Them All Crazy...But I Don't Care I Still Love Em...
I Was Finished In The Sneaker Game When I Got These...But It's Funny Cuz Now-A-Days I Wear Em The Most! I Love These They Simple But Fly!

And A Final Message To Nike And The Jordan Brand!!!
  Bring Tinker Back!!!!!!

Share Your Stories With Me!!

Friday, April 16, 2010

"My Thoughts!"

"I Been Doing So Much Lately...I'm Almost On E. But I Have A Motivation To Make It Somewhere I Never Been That Keeps Me Going. There's So Much Shit Thats Been Going On I Don't Know Where To Being. Aside From Working In A My First OFFICIAL REAL JOB! (Congrats To Me!) Lol...I Been On This School Grind Heavy!...There's So Much Shit Within That My Mind Is Going Crazy. Since I Got My Job I Know I Have To Finish School, And I Realized The Importance Of It If Anything For The Salary Difference (But That Another Story). The Most Major Thing I Got Under  Wraps Is For The Summer Time. I Can't Tell Ya Just Yet, But Lord Knows I'm Going INNN!... This Summer I'm Looking To Make My Dreams A Reality Month By Month! I'm Looking To Not Only Take My Blog To The NEXT Level But Also Myself! I'm Ready For My Spot @ The Table! I See All These Blogs Advancing And I Feel Like This Summer Is My Or Should I Say "Our" (:-X )Time To Shine!...Shout Out To Everyone Supporting The Blog Now. I Appreciate Far Beyond Words Can Explain. When I Started I Just Wanted To Voice My Opinion In This Small World. Now It Has Grown To Something I Couldn't Even Imagine! Thanks! Stay Tuned For The TAKE OVER I HAVE PLANNED!!!! "Shoutout To All The Blogs Doing It BIG!" I Read Em All From The Small To Major! I Follow Everyone...The Magic Of Opinion Is Inspirational..

"From My Nigga Diddy View I Think I See His Vision 2!"...Photos From The Berry

Rick Ross Super High Feat Ne Yo

This Song Is Heavy In My Rotation Right Now!...I Tweeted Earlier That I'm Diggin Ross New Sounds...He Came A Long Way From "Hustlin!"...I Walked The Brooklyn Bridge To This Song...With The View Shit Was Amazin! 

"Helmut Lang"

"The Helmut Lang fashion brand was created by Austrian fashion designer Helmut Lang (born 1956) in 1986. Lang was known for his minimalist, deconstructivist, and often severe designs. The Helmut Lang brand became famous in the late 1980s for its simple but refined designs, its slim suits in black or white, its denim collection, and the use of high-tech fabrics."

Selectism - Helmut Lang Autumn/Winter 2010 Looks

Thursday, April 15, 2010

"Style Can Be Anything!"

Burkman Brothers 2010...

Selectism - inoue-brothers-autumn-2010-01 

Selectism - inoue-brothers-autumn-2010-04 

Selectism - inoue-brothers-autumn-2010-02 

Selectism - inoue-brothers-autumn-2010-03

"It was pretty clear from an early age that Doug and Ben Burkman would best achieve success as a team. Having developed a taste for stylish clothes early on in the game (it's all about being the cutest kid on the block,isn't it?), these entrepreneurial  Canadian brothers established a variety of summertime business ventures to pay for their wardrobes.

Fast forward to the pair honing their skills (together, of course) as designers at Gap Inc. and you get the picture: that the brothers would one day establish their own clothing line together was inevitable. With the launch of their eponymous label, Burkman Bros, the pair have taken a refreshingly honest "if I wouldn't wear it, I wouldn't make it" approach to their designs.

Taking inspiration from their far-flung travels and perhaps the odd muse they met along the way, the Burkmans deftly updated classic menswear pieces without ever taking stylistic flourishes too far. Maybe an eyedropper of Asian influence, thank you very much, but no more. Each season takes fresh influence from somewhere or something else, while the brothers' skilled restraint keeps the overall tone cool and considered.

The result is a distinctive, casual menswear line that is strong, sexy and never gratuitous."

"Largest Flagship Store In Paris"

Ralph Lauren New Store In Boulevard Saint Germain...

Monday, April 12, 2010

"Man They Treat Me Like A Legend Am I Really This Cold!"


"Only A Few Artist Can Make A Video That Every Scene Looks Like A Photograph...Jay Got It...Kanye...Nas...Outkast...Now Drake...You Can't Spell Artist Without The ART!" - Capital H

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Happy Birthday To 1/2 Of The Duo Of The Women In My Life!...

Damn! The BIG 21! 
The Day Has Finally Arrived!...All I Could Say Is We've Come A Long Way!...Happy Birthday To You Sister...No G I Appreciate You OD...I Couldn't Imagine Me Having Anyone Else In My Life But You..I Always Wished (On The Low) I Had An Older Brova...But I Believe Everything Happens For A Reason And God Blessed Me With You...You've Been Like My Teacher And Mentor Since I Could Remember, And The Only Person I Look Up 2 And Appreciate Is You. You Helped Me Get Thru Shit I Even Thought I Couldn't Get Thru...With Your Corny Ass Advice Lmaoo And Your Tough Love...You Were Grown To Me Even Before You Reached 21...You Like The Perfect Example Of What A Lady Should Be Like...And You Know I Always Run All My Ladies By You Lmaoo...I Could Go On And On...But I Admire Your From Your Looks (Cuz You Look Just Like Me), Intelligence To Your Character...Dead Ass I'm Truly Blessed To Have A Sister Like You...Sometimes I Feel Like We Really Twins Cuz When We In The Same Room A Nigga Feel Complete...Like The Other Half Is Plugged In LOL....I KNOW FOR A FACT I GOT THE BEST SISTER IN THE WORLD!!! NOBODY FUCKIN WITH Z!!!! LMAOOO I LOVE YOU BLOOD! Real Talk And Just Like Your Always There For Me Imma ALWAYS BE HERE! Aww Man I Ain't Wanna Get Mushy Ewww! Sound Like One Of Your Facebook Statuses Lmaoo...Love You ;-D

We've Been The Duo Since Pampers And Fomula! Lmao