Friday, July 30, 2010

The Explanation...




Live Life Lavish...

Im Diggin The New Look/Direction Triple L Society Not To Say The Ones Before Weren't Special But I Think This Might Be The ONE! I'm Feelin The Whole Vibe And Energy! It Came Out Dope...The Whole Evolution From The First Collection Is Evident! And I Can Do Nothing But Salute! The Formula For Success Has Been Discovered! And If You Don't Know About Triple L Society Get Familiar!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

This Is Way Too Much, I Need A Moment!

THE BIG HOMIE IS NOW ON TWITTER! And He Hasn't Stopped Tweeting Fly Shit Since He Got Onnnnnnnnnnn! (Put On Voice!) The Extra Fly Shit I Been Missing!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

My Thoughts....Gotta Make It.

No Shades, You Are Now Seeing The Real Me.

Right Now I'm Feeling Like I Gotta Make It. For The Money, For The Principle, For The Self-Fulfillment...To Solidify My Place In History. To Accomplish My Goals And Most Of All To Be Happy. I Feel Like I'm Ready To Change The World. I Feel Like I Can Provide Something To The World In Every Aspect Of Life That No One Else Can, Something Thats Never Been Done Before...I'm Feeling Like I'm Special. But On The Other Hand I'm Feeling Like I'm Trapped In A Life Of Uncertainty. I Feel Like With The Just An Opportunity At The Door And Imma Open That Mothafucka Up! I Feel Like I'm One Step Away From Greatness. I Feel Like I Need To Develop A Relentless Worth Ethic. Shark Mentality. I Have To Take Matters Into My Own Hands. I Feel Like I'm On A Path No One Can Guide Me On. Every Move Is Crucial And There Is No Margin For Error...I Have What It Takes To Be Extraordinary...I Just Need A Shot...And If They Not Giving Me One Imma Go Out And Create One....I Gotta Make It Because There Is No Other Way! By Any Means Necessary...Up In The Sky Or Down Under, All My Chips Are On The Table...I Don't Want To Waste Anymore Time.

.. I Don't Know About You But I Feel Like Making History.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Aspire: Noah Callahan-Bever Of Complex

Like I Said I'm Not Tryna Be Jay-Z, I'm Tryna Be The Person Responsible For Jay-Z's Success...There A lot Of People In The Background That Pull The Strings That Most People Don't Get To See. These Are The People I Respect And Look Up 2! I Want My Aspire Post To Inspire People To Look Past The Artist And Entertainer And See There's A Whole World Beyond Tryna Be A Entertainer. (Now That I Said That Lol) Lets Get Down To Business...

 Noah Callahan-Bever

This Guy Pulls The Strings At Complex Magazine. He's Probably Responsible For Your Favorite Urban Trends Right Now. I Been A Fan Of Complex For A While Now....And If He Ever Reads This I Could Be A Valuable Asset To The Complex Team!!! Lol This Guy Is The Definition Of Grinding To Fulfill Your Dreams And Hopefully One Day I'll Be Doing The Same! 

I Always Wanted To A Guide To Success And This Makes No Sense But I Get It! Lmfao Especially When He Says Show Love To The Next Generation...I Just Started Following You On Twitter! So Here The Guide From The Man Himself! Enjoy Get Inspired! This Shit Is Dope!!!

New Apple Store In Paris...

Another Reason Why I Want To Travel The World, Simple Things Are So Much Luxurious Across The Water...
opera gallery image1 468x292 New Apple store in Paris

A second Apple Store opened on July 3rd, two steps from OpĂ©ra, 18 months after the brand’s first Paris store opened in the Carroussel du Louvre in Nov 2009.
Named as Apple Opera Store, the design is a radical departure from the usual Apple Stores that you might have seen around the world.
The location has been under construction for well over a year, due to the need to preserve and restore historic architecture, such as wooden doors, arched windows and wrought-iron balcony railings on the exterior.

opera gallery image3 468x292 New Apple store in Paris

opera gallery image2 468x292 New Apple store in Paris

Moved by the romantic architectural beauty and culture of Paris, this new Apple Store does not include any of the usual architectural features of Apple’s previous stores that you might have seen.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Welcome To My Realest Year...

Everyone Went Left, So I Have To Go Right! I Hope You Can Forgive Me.

I Really Haven't Been Feelin The Blog Scene As Of Late....Its All The Same! Everybody Bloggin The Same Shit! Trying To Be Different Is The New Same...Im Not With The Assembly Line Blogs.
So Let Me Start This Post By Reiterating My First Post, I Promise To Bring You That Fly Shit And Originality. Imma Kill These Mothafuckas! Lol....As Of Now Im On A Hiatus Tryna Find Some Inspiration. Because I Won't Blog Anything Unless It Can Transcend Time. It HAS To Be Right!! This Is A Powerful Tool. So I Want To Take More Time To Work On My Craft, Get The Details Right! So I Can Inspire People! And If Only One Person See's This And Takes Something Away From It Then I'M GOOD! I Came A Long Way, But I Still Have More To Go So When I Return I'm TURNIN THIS MOTHAFUCKA UP!
Selectism - Farah Vintage Autumn/Winter 2010 Looks

So Act Like Summer's Over And Fall Back Homie!...

Corneliani F/W 2010

3:52 ...Power Hour.

While Everyone Is Sleepin, Im Up...Goodnight World!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

But Before I Go, Let Me Vent...

The Realest Shit I Ever Wrote...If You Haven't Figured It Out I Used My Blog As A Tool To Relay Something Bigger!

This To The Youth...The Ones Younger Than Me, I Know Ya Lost But Ya Have To Find The Way Soon...
I Was At The Park Today And I Seen Something That Made Me Confirm My Speculations. The Younger Generation Is Lost. And I'm Not Here To Bash The Youth Because I Would Just Be Repeating What The Elders Did To Us. But They Have Gone Off Track. This Lil Kid Had To Be About 13 Years Old Yelling "YGz Up!" I Was Like Damn This Lil Kid Should Be Learnin How To Color Inside The Lines. I Started Thinkin About All The Shit I Was Doing At 13, Trust Me I Was A Bad Mothafucka But Being In A Gang Never Crossed My Mind...First Of All These Youth Need To Know That This WORLD Is Not Designed For Us To WIN. So We Gotta Be 10 Times Better Than Good Just To Survive. I Don't See Anyone Coming Out Of That Generation That I Could Say They Gonna Lead Us Or Be The Next Best Thing. Not Only Them But We Have Gotten To Complaisant With What We Have. Which Is Nothing. Everybody Is Fine With What They Have. Or Want To Get Rich But Don't Know How. Not Everyone Can Be A Basketball Player, Not Everyone Can Be A Rapper...Those Niggaz You See On TV Are Just Pawns. And I'll Go As Far As Saying Not Everyone Can Be A Drug Dealer Or Killer. You Were Put On Here To Serve A Purpose Bigger Than What You Even Imagine. I Keep Hearing That Back In The Day It Wasn't The Old People That Brought Change To The World It Was The Youth. The Youth Layed Down The Track For Us To Continue Building Them, But It Seems Like The Generation Behind Me Is Like The MTA Destroying Them...Shit Makes Me Wonder How Long The Train Is Gonna Hold On....We Gotta Get Educated, That Doesn't Mean School...There's No Leaders Out Here For These Kids, They Only Listen To These Fuckin Clowns..Emulate What They Do...The Wrong Shit..
...REAL Knowledge Is Our Best Asset.

I Pose The Question, What Could It Be? Are We Disconnected From Their Lives? We Gotta Figure It Out.


Gaspard Ulliel for Bleu de Chanel

Directed By Martin (Hit Google) Scorsese

 bleu gaspard ulliel 1 Gaspard Ulliel for Bleu de Chanel

pub bleu gaspard ulliel Gaspard Ulliel for Bleu de Chanel

chanel bleu gaspard ulliel Gaspard Ulliel for Bleu de Chanel
When Was The Last Time You Heard Of A Mutiple Oscar Winning Director Directing A Cologne Ad? Exactly!

bleu gaspard ulliel 2 Gaspard Ulliel for Bleu de Chanel

Bleu de Chanel will be available in 50mnl ($93), 100ml ($132) and After Shave Lotion ($95).

"I'll Be Back To Runnin This Shit Real Soon!"

"My Style In A Nutshell!"

Kitsune 2011 Spring/Summer Collection

kitsune 2011 spring summer 1 Kitsune 2011 Spring/Summer  Collection

French contemporary label Kitsune presents its upcoming collection for Spring/Summer 2011. Entitled REPORTER, the line takes inspiration from the 1975 film The Passenger, also known as Professione: Reporter in Italian, starring Jack Nicholson. Seen throughout are various textiles and overall styles synonymous with Spring, including lightweight blazers, solid and graphic t-shirts, various knits, outerwear, and a series of seersucker items throughout. Definitely a crisp and refreshing collection for a new year.
kitsune 2011 spring summer 5 Kitsune 2011 Spring/Summer Collection

Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Revolution Has Always Been In The Hands Of The Young. The Young Always Inherit The Revolution.

"I Always Say Use Whatever Talents You Have For Something BIGGER Than You"...My Uncle Once Told Me "The Measure Of A Man's Life Is Not If He Fulfilled His Life Goals, It's How Many Lives He Has Impacted And Helped Along The Way"

The 1968 Olympics Black Power salute was a noted black civil rights protest and one of the most overtly political statements in the history of the modern Olympic Games. African American athletes Tommie Smith and John Carlos performed the Power to the People salute at the Olympic Stadium in Mexico City.


It's A lot Of Shit Going On Right Now, Fuck What They Say..Fuck Rappers, Actors All That Shit..The World Need Us To Spin Remember That....Shit Sound Cliche But We Responsible For The Future. You Don't Gotta Be In School To Be Educated...Read Up

Monday, July 12, 2010


Saturday, July 10, 2010

I Want To Work Until I Get To Shake Hands With The Top Knuckle...

Rick Ross- Free Mason Ft. Jay-Z

Niggas couldnt do nuttin wit me they put the devil on me
i woulda perferd niggas to squeez the medal on me
rumors of luifer i dont kno who to trust
whole world want my demise turn the music up
hear me clearly if yall nigga fear me
jus say yall fear me fuck all these fairytales
go to hell this is god engineering
this is hailmary pass yall interfering
he without sin shall cast the first stone so
yall look in the mirror double check yall apperence
bitch i said i was amazing not that im a mason
its amazing that i made it through the maze that i was in
lord forgive me i never would have made it without sin
holy water my face in a basin diamons in my rosery
shows he forgave him bitch im red hot im on my third six but a devil im not my jesus peice flooded but thall shall not covet keep ya eyes off my covet im a bad muthafucka its hov jus say you love it