Thursday, December 31, 2009

"I Don't Like It Unless It's BRAND NEW!"

New Look For The New Year! Lets Go! One New Years Resolution Down A Million More To Go...If You Reading Dis Thank For Rockin With Me...Have A Safe New Years! See You In 2010!


Monday, December 28, 2009

"I Wonder If God Asked Mike How To Moonwalk"

This Is It The Official Music Video...Still SMFH.

"Bean Bryant For GQ Magazine"


"Finally!" Mr. Bathing Ape By United Arrows

I fucks with Nigo to the maxxx....This is major!...It's about time we grow up! Trade in those Bapesta's for a bowtie or a Bape Camo Tie and Let Get Grown!

After a small announcement a while ago, we get a first little look today at the new Mr. A Bathing Ape by United Arrows Collection. For the first time Bape will actually be providing mens suits, along with accessories.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

"So Cold"

I was gonna do a video that displayed all my favorite clips of this year...but since it December and this post is inspired by the #TT on twitter...#Whenwasitcool To Dis A Big Homie?...I love jewelry aswell...but this shit is D.O.A. reminds of the great lopsided battles...Like when Cam tried to go at Hov, or When Deshawn stevenson called Lebron overrated...or when Jim Jones tried to Go at Hov....Enjoy this laugh lmfao...Even Jewelers got the people that run the game and thats the Homie Ben Baller...

First Up: The Clown Challenger Diamond Some Shit lmfao

Then The Big Homie Of Jewelery Responds In Two Parts
Pt. 1

This Is The Finish Him Move!

PART 2: You wanna floss jewels like Ben Baller? cmon Ziamond Empire, not with Fake Jewelry! from ben baller on Vimeo.

I Posted this just to make the point that you have to choose your battles wisely...You can just go around challenging people that you can't match up...Know your level..master it then advance...smfh this was just disgusting...especially wen you got bodied not only from the display but also the knowledge of the Diamonds and the Pieces...and the Credibility...smfh!

Friday, December 25, 2009


Happy Holidays To You And Your! From Me! I just want to thank everyone who supported my madness! Look out for BIGGGERR And BETTTER in 2010...I Love Ya and Thank You once again!..Enjoy Your Holidays!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

BBC/ICE CREAM Spring/ Summer 2010

Those Were Just A Couple Of My Favorite Looks...
View The Full Look Book and Previous Seasons Here...

O Yea Shoutout To The Neptunes For The Producer Of The Decade Honors! And Timbaland And Yeezy For Comin In 2nd And 3rd!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

"Album Review Rap Edition"

50 Cent- Before I Self Destruct
Its funny I believe the movie is better than the album. My opinion on this album is unique. I think this album should've came out after Get Rich or Die Trying...It would've been considered a classic when 50 was buzzin! and the way he chooses his singles affect the outcome of the album...The shit is all over the place...From street to cufffin I don't understand the concept...but I still got some shit I rock 2
Hot Shit:
Hold Me Down
Do You Think About Me
So Disrespectful
Baby By Me
Could've Been You ft. R. Kelly

Gucci Mane- The State Vs. Radric Davis
BURRRR! GUCCCI!...Man real talk I thought I was gonna hate this shit! I expected hot beats and no lyrics...and to my surprise I was completely correct!...Lmfao but the funny part is I like this shit for a reason im not familiar with nor do I want to figure out. The album is well put together. Not a classic in my eyes for the lack of lyrics..but definitely for the moment some hot shit! BURRRR!

Clipse- Till The Casket Drops
This ablum by far is my favorite! It is up there with BP3, Losos Way, Deeper Than Rap as one of the best albums of the year!...The Duo is back! Lyrics, Beats, Content and everything add up in this shit!...The Pioneers of The Coke Rap! This a must have! Neptunes beats and dope lyrics what more could you want!
Favorite shit:

Uncle Snoop Dogg- Malice In Wonderland
This album is classic Snoop! The angelic flow and the lyrics combined with the west coast beats...#CMON SON! Shit is classic! I fucks with Snoop cuz he 100% REAL...nothin phony about the nigga in any way!
Favorite Songs:
I Wanna Rock
Gangsta Luv
Pimpin Aint EZ Ft. R. Kelly
Special Ft. Pharrell, Brandy

Go Cop All These Shits Or Download...Google Goes A Long Way lmfao!

"Album Reviews!" R&B Edition

Just Some Direction For Your Playlist!
Chris Brown- Graffiti
This is the long awaited 3rd album from Chris Brown. First of all everyone deserves a second chance his mistakes do not take away from the fact that he's a DOPPPPPPEE! artist. This album just proves it once again! Shows his range from Dance tracks to classic Breezy R&B. Anytime I have more than 3 favorite songs the album is success. Thats fuckin foul they not stocking his album on shelves because they are definitely stopping a great album from shining!..
Favorite tracks:
Wait Ft. Trey Songz
Take My Time Ft. Tank
Famous Girl
So Cold ( Z's Pick!)
Sing Like Me

Alicia Keys- Elements Of Freedom
This is just Classssicccc Alicia Keys!...This album is deep. From top to bottom. There's not much to say except CLASSSIC! Beautiful Voice, Beautiful Sounds...she sings about love, relationships, hope and much more...makes for a dope listening experience!
Favorite tracks:
Try Sleeping With A Broken Heart
Wait Til You See My Smile
Un-Thinkable (I'm Ready) (ft Drake)
Love Is My Disease

R.Kelly- Untitled
Kells took it back to the that CD with the R. On it! 90's shit! Thats makes this album TUFF! When Kells start singing about a lady's body and talking slow on the track you know it's going down!...Thats the type of music we were made to lol!...
Favorite Songs
Bangin The Headboard
Whole Lotta Kisses
Text Me
Pregnant (Featuring Tyrese, Robin Thicke And The-Dream)

Robin Thicke- Sex Therapy
Classic Blue Eyed Soul!...this album it's has it's songs...He just whispered the track away...Lol get all the ladies wet (excuse my French) lol...
Favorite Tracks
Sex Therapy
In The Morning ft. Snoop Dogg

Just Listen To All Them! Guaranteed a Great Listening Experience!

"One Of My Current Favs...And A Throwback!"

Enjoy Your Holidays Everyone! Set Those New Years Resolutions..Continue On Your Pursuit Of Happiness Cuz The Whole World Loves Sing The Blues...Stay Up!

Kid Cudi- Pursuit Of Happiness

@HiDefinition_HG Listenin to Outkast The Whole World...I 4got how dope this song is!

Random Pics Off The Berry...

I Seen This Shit On Wen Drizzy Just Post Random Shit Off The Berry..Imma Start Doing That A lot More...And Back On My Vlog Shit Aswell!

"It's A Cold Winter!"

Cold Method Fall/ Winter 2009
Picture 8

Picture 1

Picture 5

Knitted Sweater Is A Must Have!

"It's A War Going On Outside!"

The Choices...Nothing Is Ever Sold Out In My World So I Might Go With 1...Both Or None...Just To Show You What Direction I'm Heading Towards!
david z polo cookie boots 3 Ronnie Fieg x Polo Ralph Lauren Cookie Bootsdavid z polo cookie boots 1 Ronnie Fieg x Polo Ralph Lauren Cookie Boots

"One For The Common Folk!"...H&M Spring/ Summer 2010

H&M Is Bringing The Heat For 2010! Shit Is Lookin Dope!

"It's The Simple Things That Matter!"

Phareel Does It Again....I Seen These A While Back!
Pharrell Williams x Christian Louboutin

Pharrell 004

They Retail For About $1,'s not so much the sneakers just the concept of wearing no type of jewelry or fly clothes or accessories and still being FLY! It just reinforces my concept of's not what you put together it's HOW you put it together!

"May The Best Of Your Todays Be The Worst Of Your Tomorrows!"

Jay-Z ft. Mr. Hudson- Forever Young

Long Live Yeezy! Kanye West x A Bathing Ape Spring 2010


Wednesday, December 2, 2009

"Relationship Advice From Dr. HG."

People Gotta Learn Thier Limits...Word To Life...You Gotta Know What Your Capable Of...And It Goes Both Ways...People Always Fuck With People That Are Not On Thier Level...If You HONESTLY Know Yourself You'll Find The Perfect Person For You...Not Settle For Less Or Find Someone That You Know You Don't Deserve...Cuz When Something Is Too Good To Be True...Trust Me It Is...

Thats All For Now Follow Me On Twitter @HiDefinition_HG

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

"Pharrell x Visvim x Moncler"

Str8 From My Twitter...
PHARRELL_MONCLERpharrell williams moncler collaboration vest Pharrell Williams x Moncler Collaboration
@HiDefinition_HG Pharrell, Visvim and Moncler got vest made of material thats made from recycled plastic bottles and shit...I NEED That vest just cuz!

Pharrell Williams and his textile company, Bionic. Using his companies technology, which recycles bottles and turns it in to yarns and fabric, Pharrell has designed a reversible puffer vest – inspired by a traditional bullet-proof vest . The lining of the jacket has a print designed by Japanese artist, Keita Sugiura, who is known for his nature inspired creations.