Tuesday, June 30, 2009


So Today Is My Birthday...I Jus Wanna Take The Time Out To Thank Everyone In My Life...From My Family To Even The Haters...Ya Make Me Who I Am Today...Everything I Have Experienced To This Day Has Made Me The Man You See Today...I Don't Regret Anything I've Done So Far....Im Truly Humbled By All The Birthday Wishes I've Gotten All Day...Thank You To Everyone!...It Only Gets Better From Here...I Promise More Fly Shit To Come...Today Marks My 19th Birthday...I feel Much Wiser...I liked to Thank New York City For That...People Grow Up Fast Here....And I Would Like To Also Thank My Tio Ostin...He Is And Will Be My Role Model Forever R.I.P... And Michael Jackson For All The Inspiration And Good Music That Provided Happyness In My Life R.I.P....Thank You Once Again To Everyone In My Life...Ya Inspire Me To Be BETTER!....Bout To Go Pop Some Bottles, Spend Some Money,
Light One A Relax!

Trigga Trey Anticipation

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Man They Should Jus Crown My Nigga Trey As The New RnB King....Cuz Kellz To Busy Doin Auto-Tune Shit...Nah Lol...This Is Some Real Smooth Shit...I Fuck Wit Trey Since Gotta Make It And Every Song In Between Been Hot...He's Not The Kellz Of Our Generation He The Trey Songz Of Our Generation...Makin His Own Lane...Plus He Almost Gets As Many Girls As I Do...HAA!!...Download This Shit Its Tuff!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Big Homie Does It Again...

Kanye X Louis Vuitton Collabo Interview...Yeezy Never Fails To Inspire Me To Be Different...Everything He Does Is On Some Otha Shit...

Who are your fashion icons?

Michael Jackson is the best dressed person of all time. Not today, I can’t say that, but in his hey day. When he was wearing all those jackets covered in Swarovski crystals. And then all those leather jackets and Mickey Mouse t-shirts and those tailored pants and penny loafers. Michael Jackson, he was for real.

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Im Inspired By Kanye West Of Course For All The Reason Every Other Hypebeast Likes Kanye...But What I Really Like About Kanye Is That He Does Things According To The Way He's Feeling...And That How I Try And Live Life...Everything He Does Is An Expression Of His Feelings...From The Music, To The Clothing, To The Girls...He Always Evolving To The Next Level In Everything He Does...I Can Fuck Wit That 100 Percent...Everything I Wear Or Do From The Clothing To The Girls Fits Exactly How Im Feeling...I Think Thats The Only Way To Find Happyness...Because If You Feel Good...You Do Things To Make You Feel Even Better...You Fuck Wit Girls That Make You Feel Better...You Wear Clothes And Put Things Together That Make You Feel Better Or Happier...If You Are Satisfied With Yourself No One Can Say Or Do Shit To Knock You Down...

To My Country Of Birth...Honduras

So I'm Watchin The Spanish CNN And I See They Kidnap The President And Sent Him Into Exile In Costa Rica....And I Said God Damn Only In Honduras Do They Do Shit Like That....He Was Kidnapped For Askin The People Are They Cool With A President Only Serving 1 Term With No Re-Election...Now I Thought Kidnapping Him Was Fucked Up...But As I Watched CNN Even More I Was Like Thats Good They Removed Him From A Situation That Was Gonna Turn For The Worst...The Hondurian President Has Strong Ties With The Venezuela President Hugo Chavez...And There Is Speculation That He Was Going To Take Those Votes And Use It For Re-Election To Turn Honduras Into a Modern Day Venezuela...Now Me For One I Do Not Want To See My Country Go That Route...But I Just Don't See The Situations In Honduras Getting Better...Honduras Needs A lot Of Help...The Country Is Riddled With Gangs, Drugs Wars, And Worst Of All Poverty In Most Of The Country. There Is No Middle Class, The Rich Are Very Rich And The Poor Is Very Poor... The Public School Teachers Are Constantly On Strike Which Is Effecting The Education Because Most Of The School Year Is Lost....I Jus Want The Country That I Love To Get Better And The Enconomy To Strive Like It Once Used 2...Soccer Is The Only Bright Spot In The Country....Hopefully Watever The Hondurian Government Does From Now On Benifits The Country And It's People Tremendously....My Country Is Beautiful And I Wouldn't Want To Be A Product From Anywhere Else...I've Always Said If I Make It Im Going Back And Helping The Country I Love...And The People I Care About The Most...Most People Don't Know I Was Born In Honduras....Tegucigalpa To Be Exact.
I Come From A African Decent... I am Garifuna...Black Is Beautiful.
I Immigrated To The United States When I Was 4 Years Old...And Its Been History Since Then....
...Imma Post More On My Culture As Soon As I Finish My Extensive Research...Because My Garifuna Culture Deserves The Best Post I've Ever Made!

GOD M.C.- D.O.A(Death Of Auto-Tune) Classic Issh!

I know We Facin a Recession, But the Music Y'all Makin Gonna Make it The Great Depression...Or Your Lack Of Agression...Pull Your Skirt Back Down...Grow A Set Men...

This Video Is Straight Raw Fly SHIT!...Hov As Usual Delivers Something Classic...

Thursday, June 25, 2009


Rest In Peace To My Favorite Artist Ever...I Can't Say Much Because I Never Thought I'd Be Saying This...I Can't Speak For Everyone But I Know I Grew Up On Thriller...He Not Only Had A Impact On Me...But MJ Had An Impact On The Whole World...He Is And Always Will Be The Greatest Of All Time...Remember Him For His Great Accomplishments Not For The Other Things That Accompanied His Life...Im Still Shocked And At A Lost For Words...Rest In Peace To The GREATEST.The Greatest Album Of All Time...And The Greatest Video To Me Of All Time...

R.I.P. MJ...Real Talk Since I was 8...First Watched That Jackson 5 Movie And Ever Since Then I Wanted To Be Startin Somethin...I Rocked With You For A While...Couldn't Stop Till I Got Enough..Neva Got Enough..So I Started Moonwalkin' In My Socks..Threw Powder On The Floor So I Could Slide Smoother...Runnin From Thriller...Jammin To Remember The Times...Was A Smooth Criminal For A While...Then I Was Bad..R.I.P. To The King Of Music...-Hernan Gonzalez

Is ICE Gettin Played?

Is It Jus Me Or Does Everybody In Rap Follow The Same TREND...But It's One Thing I'm Starting To Hate Is The Jewelry Game In Rap...Don't Get Me Wrong Diamonds Are Dumb Fly...And Jewelry Been In Rap Since It's Origin...But Now Its Going Overboard...Buying A lot of Jewely But Not Having The Clothing To Back It Up Is Just Awful...Or Even The Style Or Aura...Some Of These Pieces Make Rappers Just Look Corny As Shit There Are Some Classic Pieces Like Jay Z Roc-A-fella Chain, Or Biggies Jesus Pieces, Rakim's Gold Rope..Slick Rick And All His 97 Pieces Lmfao...The Classic Cross...Niggaz In The Rap Game Wore Jewelry Cuz It Was A Part Of Their Aura...Not Because You Wanna Show Off How Much Fuckin Bread You Got... Its Like A Nigga That Buys A Full Gucci Double G's Outfit Cuz Its Gucci...That Shit Looks Bad Everybody Following A Trend...Gucci Got Some Otha Shit 2....Not To Mention 90% Of These Niggaz Pieces Are Fake...Just Like The Auto-Tone T-Pain Alone Jus Made The Jewelry Game In Rap Corny!...Cuz Even Tho He Got 410,000 There A Million Things He Could Be Doing Other That Buying Shit Like That...Especially In The Times We Livin In Today....A lot Jewelry Or A Big Ass Chain Don't Go Well Wen You Have Great Style That Transcends The Times...I Rather Be Well Dressed Over Having A Big Ass Chain Around My Neck Any day...That Shit To Me Is Just Corny...Your Whole Outfit Cost Less That $1000 But You Chain Cost 200,000...The Chain Might Be Different But It Doesn't Make Them Unique In Any Way...I Rather Split It 50/50...Get My Style On Point First Then Go Spend Money On Dumb Shit...But At The End Of The Day To Each His Own!....I Feel Like Since Hip-Hop Is On A Down Hill Spiral...The Respect For Hip Hop Style Is Going Down 2....If The Style And Aura Return I Bet There's Gonna Be A Decreased In Ice...

PT .2...Of Some Examples Fake Or Real Idk!!...Lol

Some Of These Rappers Have No Sense Of Style...Or Jus Dress Bad!

Friday, June 19, 2009



Definitely I Main Reason Why I Haven't Been Seriously Bloggin And Since Myspace Is Officially Dead Sorry To Say Sexxi Lexxi From myspace lol and Facebook Is For Young Educated Adults and Married People...This Twitter Wave Has Jus Became My Newest Addiction Besides Girls Lol...I Twitter From Everywhere...My Laptop, My PC, My Blackberry, The Library Well Maybe Not The Library But You Get The Point Lol...I like To Thank May-Z a.k.a. Twitter's Big Homie For Putting Me On The Twitter Wave...Thanks!..
The Biggest Misconception about twitter is its like spying on your life it takes away you answer to that is people will only know wat you tell them...I use twitter because it offers me a inside look at my favorite artist, for example new songs from trey rite off the mixer every Monday, Up to date sports from Espn, Diddy Shit Is Jus Entertaining Period. Funny Ass Trending Topics, I like to be entertained and twitter does a great job in doing that. Miss info always got the gossip on lock. New sneaker releases, new clothing designs, shows update. And when the playoff were on everybody was a twitter espn commentator. Wats hot in fashion and wats not. I would say definitely get up on the twitter wave. Jus watch out for those fuckin wierdos like skottie2hottie or some shit like that LOL

My Top 5 Dead Or Alive...

The 4 Are: Ester Baxter, Bria Myles, Lola Lov, And Dolicia Bryant...They Outta This World BAD!
Aww Man This Is Long Awaited But Imma Kind Of Cheat I Got 4 And Electrik Red All Them Girls Could Get It Lol...I Wanted To Do Somethin Beside The Usual Halle Berry, Lauren London(Pre Alien Baby), Cassie, Paula Patton, Adrienne Bailon...and The Rest Of The Bad Joints I Got A Couple Video Vixens I Would Like To Buss Down Lol...Wait Till I Get In The Game Lol...You Gon See With Aleast One Of Them If They Still Bad!

GOD M.C. Is Back!...D.O.A (Death Of Auto-Tune)

I DON'T CARE HOW LATE I AM!...This Has To Be Repeated...Jay-Z Murdered The Auto-Tune...Im My Opinion It Had To Be Done...Hip Hop Was Turnin Into Fuckin Techno With That Shit...Lets Jus Hope Its Gone For Good...T-Pain Gon Have To Show Me His Real Talent Now...I Heard This Song The Night Flex Played It On Hot 97...I Went Crazy At My Crib...Then Trey Released D.O.A(Death Of Kellz) Aww Man...Lets Jus See Who's Up Next...Death Of No Style Is Comin Soon By Yours Truly Feat. RyPLAY And Buddy Mylez...Look Out For That No Dead Ass Lol..It Has To Be Done...
Click To Pic To Listen To This Classic
Trey Shiit!

BBC Season 9 Lookbook

Every Year I Vow To Switch My Style To BBC...There Shit Is So Dope...But Idk It Never Happens...Maybe Cuz The Price $80.oo for a tee shirt with a design...But they really have evolved from more that a t-shirt skateboard brandwith ugly more of a Lifestyle Brand...Look for me In some BBC Shit Real Soon...

For The Full Look Book Visit just click pharrell lol...

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Rev RUN!..

I Know Ya Probaly Know Him From RUNS HOUSE...Or His Fine Daughters Angela And Vanessa...But Rev Run Has Some Life Advice And Quotes On Global Grind That Keep Me Motivated In Life...I Read Them Almost Everyday...They Are Very Inspirational...And I Encourage More People To Check Them Out!..Make Sure You Check Out His Son Diggy Blog...Real FLY LIL DUDE...

Doin It Bigger Than A 5x...XXL

Fab Has Emerged To Become One Of My Favorite Rappers...Look For Losos Way Dropping July 21...Im Tight It Was Supposed To Drop On My B-Day...Now I Gotta Wait For That Ryan Leslie Keri Hilson Shit Damn!...Lol...That Double Loso Chain He Got On Is Sickkk...One Side Yellow Diamonds The Otha Side White...God DAM! Yea The Dream Shit Love Vs. Money Is Straight Cracccck I Done Romanced A Few Ladies To Fancy...Get That Shit

Check Out also thats Fab Website...He On Some Blog Shit 2...Real Fly Shit Like Mines...

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Pharrell Dancin For McDonalds LMFAO!

Monday, June 15, 2009

First Order Of Business!...LAKERS WORLD CHAMPS!

Shout Out To My Team The L.A. Lakers They Said The Boy Couldn't Do It Without Shaq...Now Shaq Twitter'n A New Song By Kobe Bryant Properly Titled "Shaq Tell MEE How My Ass Taste (No Rainbow)" Lol...It Wouldn't Be Rite If I Didn't Say This..."FINALLY TIO"....I Feel Like I Won Rite With Them....This One Is For My Uncle...He Was The Biggest Laker Fan I Knew Besides Me....So This Special Night Is For You Tio....
Certified Lakers Fan Since 2000.

And For All The Laker Haters...."SHUT YOUR BLOODCLOT MOUTH!"


I'm Back On My Blog Shit!...I Wonder If My Shit Still Relavent...So Much Shit Been Goin On...BUT MASERATI H.G. Is Back!..FEELS GOOD TO BE HOME!