Wednesday, September 30, 2009

"Then The Cameras Flashed...And God Damn He Snapped...I Used To Want This Shit Forever Ya Could Have It Back!"

n. An extremely successful and internationally famous fashion model.
Fashion models are used mainly to promote products (primarily clothing and accessories but almost anything else as well). There are two types of fashion models: high fashion and commercial. High fashion modeling is an art form of fashion. The photographer photographs the model in artistic themes that relate to the clothing promoted. The model uses their face and body to express different emotions required.

Many People Always Ask Me This Question Are You A Model?...Or Say I Should Be A Model...Or Why Don't Consider Becoming A Model?...

Well I Saying This To The World For The First Time...Im Seriously Considering Becoming A Professional Model....As Something I Do On The Side When I'm Not Working On The Revolution That Is Missing Elements!..I Think I Have The Look For It...And I Definitely Dress The Part...I Take Alot Of Pictures That Go To Waste...One Of My God Brothers Modeled For Tommy Jeans And Appeared In A Macy Gray Video Years Back As Her Love Interest....Don't Wanna Do That...But I'll Definitely Take An AD's Or A Spread In A Magazines....I Have A Question Tho...

To Any Model What Does It Take To Strive In This Business And Have Success?!

If I Had A Portfolio It Would Look Like?.....
Eno Bull Photography!
So Yes Or No?!....

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

State Of The Art Shit! @ThatWavVe Have You Seen This!




The BMW S.X concept by designer Iulian Bumbu, a graduate of the Transportation Design Course at the Scuola Politecnica di Design (SPD) in Milan. This BMW S.X Concept represents the next generation luxury sports coupe from BMW could look like. And it would be well positioned to take over where the current 6 Series BMW. This design has high-mount brake lights incorporated into the edges of the rear window and the lateral vents located just behind the front wheels.


Thursday, September 24, 2009

"Lets Not Stray From What I Came To Say To My Beloved!"

@JusCapitalH It Seems Every Fuckin "Cool Kid", "Live Nigga", "Fashion Foward", "Trendsetting", So Called "Different", "Way Ahead" Blogs About The Same SHIT!

I Just Read My First Blog Post And I Must Say I Have Strayed From What I Wanted To Prove... I Apologize And It Won't EVER HAPPEN AGAIN!...I Pride Myself In Being The First At Everything Discovering The Unknown...Timeless Shit...My Blog Says
Welcome To Originality And I Feel I Have Failed In Bringing The ORIGINAL....If I Take Some Time Off The Blog It's To Find Exactly That The Original Fly Shit...I Will Post Original Things That Inspire Me To Be Original (If That Makes Sense)....

...Lets Get Back To Floating In The Sky!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

"Superbad Chicks Givin' Me McLovin'...You Would Think I Ran The World Like Michelle's Husband!"

Legendary Shit!...Nuff Said!
Drake Forever Ft. Kanye West, Lil Wayne, Eminem...

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

"And They Wonder How I Live With 5 Shots!"

Im More Biggie Cuz Im From The East Coast Nah Lol...But I Respect Pac More Outside Of The Music...This Man Was A Revolutionary And A Legend In His Own Right...Up There In My Book With Malcom And Martin...He Used Music As A Tool For Something Bigger Than I Think He Even Planned For...When Your Grandmother Knows About 2 Pac 13- 14 Years After His Death He Must Have Been Doin' Something! Lol

Vibe Has Been Posting Some Lost Interviews Durin' The Whole East Coast And West Coast Beef...Enjoy World! Can't Wait For the Next 1!
Pt. 1-3! Real Nigga Shit!

"The Conversations Change..Lets Talk About That"

I've Only Watched About 5:34 Seconds Of This Video And Im Already Inspired!!...I'll Let The Video Speak For Itself...World Star Don't Take It Down!...

Im Not Sayin' Be Like Hov...BE LIKE YOU!...Im Just Saying Why Wouldn't You Want To Elevate Your Status To Become The Best At Your Craft And There Are People Like Hov Whole Provide A Visual To What Workin' Hard And Staying Committed, Knowing Your Craft To The Tee And Staying True To Yourself...Can Bring You Great Success!...LETS GET ACTIVE AND CREATIVE!

"They Used To Call Me Jizzle With The Stamp In The Middle!"

Imma Start This One By Saying I Fucks With Jeezy! Another All Black Everything Advocate...Beside Thats His Music Speaks To Not Just Me But Millions Of Niggaz In The Hood Strugglin' And Ballin' 2....Real Nigga Shit!...He Graces The Cover Of The New Complex Magazine Issue...Enoy World! For The Full Interview Click The Photograph!

Everyone seems to downplay your creative process as a songwriter. So walk us through developing a song.
Young Jeezy: I don’t go in the studio like, “I’ma make a smash today”—that ain’t my whole method. My music is feeling. If I just left the club or somethin’, I’ll probably go and cut a club record. If I’m going through something, then instead of it being bright in the studio, it might be a little dark, a little mellow in there, and it might be a feeling song.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Fall Style Guide '09...."All Black Everything!"

All Throughout This Season Imma Be Posting Different Style Guides So This Won't Be My Last!
I Recently Seen Different Style Guide Goin' Up Everywhere...GQ Has One Going...Over At Theres A Real Fly One! Make Sure You Check That Website Out!...But I Wanted To Do My Own...One That Everyone Can Relate Too...Maybe You Reg Not Too High Fashion And Not Too Bumy You Just In The Middle....Besides The Looks From Different Designers You Can Gain Inspiration From I Have Some Visuals...Not Rare To Find....Wait Till My Line Drop IT OVA!...But For Now You Can Conform To These Gems....Believe Me ALLL BLAAACKK ISSSS IN!! Im Not Gonna Tell You Were To Find Them Thats The Fun Part Of Shoppin For Shit...But I'll Give You The Price Range So You Won't Be Surprised!...LET GET FLY!

First On The List Is A Leather Jacket Or A Peacoat
My Budget Would Be :
Leather Jacket $70.00- $150.00
Pea-Coat $75.00- $160.00

Since Everyone Seems To Be On Their Polo Shit Unfortunately Get Yourself A Black Polo Button Up
Woodbury Price $3.00 Nah lol
My Budget Would Be $75.00
Nah This Ain't Chris Brown Bowtie Lol!...Just Get You A Black One Not Baby Blue Just Solid Colors lol!
Bow Tie $5.00- $25.00

Nudies Jeans My Brova Ken Showed Up Wit A Pair Of These Smooove! Or Some Kill City Jeans
Nudie Jeans- $210.00
Kill City $120.00
(A Couple Years Back I Bought Some BDG Skinny For 50 Cash In Urban Outfitters So You Could Try Those 2)
Vans! I Fuckin Love Fans The Most Comfortable Low Top Sneakers Out And Classy 2 Ladies And Fellas Can Get Busy In These And The Boat Shoes Are Just Sick!
Vans Classics $45.00-$55.00
Vans Zapato DelBarco $55.00- $70.00

Again With The Polo...Either The Holden Boot Or The Rangers Both Killaz This Fall/ Winter!
Polo Holden Boots $143.00
Polo Ranger Boots $153.00
With The Glasses I'm More Of An Aviator Kind Of Guy But The Wayfarers Are Cool 2!
$103.00- $125.00 (In My Opinion The Best Investments Ever!) You'll See Why!

Im A G-Shock Man...Either The DW-6900 Or The 5600!

Say It Wit Me A-L-L-L-L-L -B-L-L-L-L-A-A-C-C-K-K-K -I-S-S-S-S -F-L-L-L-L-Y!
Some Fly Black Jays A Lil Extra...I Didn't Put The Man Bag Because Im Not Using One Rite Now....

"We Both Like Jordans...We Both Feels Niccce!"

This Is SOOO TUFF...For Every Jordan Fan....I Seen This A While Back On My Blog Hiatus...But I Had To Put It Up!...Even If Your Not Familiar With The Classic Shoes This Provides A Cool Inside Look At What Makes Jordans So CLAASSSSICCC! Enjoy! My Favorite Sneakers Of All Time!! 1-14...I Don't Really Like The Ones After The New Millennium...

Or Just Click The Pic!
Michael Jordan: History Of Flight.

"Shorty Got Amber Rose...Shaved Her Whole Head Off!"

This Is My Ideal Wifey....But I Don't Have An Ideal Wifey Because Im Like Yey I Fuck Wit Girls That Fit My Mood...So Maybe I'll Never Find Love Doin' That Shit...But Who Gives A Fuck If I Don't! Enough About Me..Everywhere You Turn Amber Rose Has A New Fly Photoshoot...But This Is To Date My Favorite...Especially The Headline "Every Rose Has It's Thorn!"...Nice!

"Inspirations"...Eno Bull Photography x Pig Department

This Pic Just Inspired Me To Share A Couple Thoughts About The NYPD...I Don't Want To Sit Up Here And Hate On The NYPD...But Ya Have To Be Some Of The Biggest Assholes In The World....Ya Were Hired To Keep Us Safe...But Ya Do No Such Thing...Ya Are The Biggest Gang In The World...I Don't Know It's Something Bout That Gun And Badge That Gives You The Courage To Fuck With Us...I Have Been Stopped By The Cops Many Times One Instance Comin' Out Of My Own Fuckin House Rite Out The Door For Some Shit About Sellin' Drugs...Does It Look Like I Would Be Sellin' Drugs One In Broad Daylight Rite In Front Of A School Dum Ass And A Drug Dealer Would Never Be This Well Dressed...My Outfit Would Scream Catch Me...Ya Are Heros For September 11, 2001 But In The Hood Ya Are Far From It...Until Ya Learn How To Respect Us A Citizens Ya Will Never Be Praised Or Loved Out Here...Peace Pigs! And I Won't Even Get Into Sean Bell And That Guy That Got Killed Because They Thought His Wallet Was A Gun Back In 90's 40+ Shots...Im Done.

"I Call Him PhaREEELLL Cuz He's The Truth!"

"Pharrell Speaks On The Track So Ambitious...Real Talk That Track Inspires Me To Hit 2 Sisters...Nah Lol....That Song Is Real Especially With A Hook Like "The Motivation For Me Is Them Tellin' Me What I Cannot Be!"

"Aww Shit!"...Lmfao!

"It's Always Good To Start Your Day Off With A Good Laugh...So I Had To Post This!"...Good Day!....LAUGH AND LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST!!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Long Live The King!!

The Official Movie Trailer And Poster For “This Is It”…Makes Me Sad To See This Instead Of Seein’ MJ Live…LONG LIVE THE KING! In Theaters October 28 For A Limited Time Only!!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

More Pencil Magic..And My First Designs...

"I Am The Furture!"

My Plan Is TO TAKEOVER....

Every Store!
Every Poster!

Every Single Art Gallery!
Every Single Exhibition!

Mens Magazine!

Bus Stop Poster!

Every Mall!
Every Women's Magazine!
The Dream Is To Make This A Worldwide Brand! We Can All Be Proud Of!
From Your Hood To Mines!