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Peep A Lil Article I Wrote On How To Attain Your Own Style...It's More But Here's A Lil Preview For Now! Basic Rules.


They say a person should always be well dressed no matter what the occasion is. By well dressed I don’t mean into the latest trend or fashion, well dressed meaning nice and presentable. Believe it or not there is a hidden art to being well dressed and it’s called style. Everyone has their own unique style. Style can be many things, but mostly taking something and making it your own. But if your one of those people that lack style or want to advance your style this is a must read.
Let me start off with my story. When I was younger I did not have any type of style. I was in no way presentable to the public, because once my mother stopped dressing me I felt like I could wear anything I wanted. I didn’t know any essential, anything about fit, comfort, colors, sizes especially. I was wearing clothes that were 2x my size all in all I thought I was fresh. But in reality I was far from it. I was into the latest trend and didn’t see the importance in being well dressed at all times.
Being well dressed is important for many reasons. It first of all gives people reason to respect you. People tend to judge you by your exterior, and you can’t blame them because it’s the first thing they see. A great man once said “style provides a mirror into your soul” So if you’re well put together on the outside that means you’re well put together on the inside as well. I believe this is true, because every time I get dressed I feel as though the world is watching. Another reason why being well dressed is important is because you attract people by how you wear certain things. If your always dressing casual or flashy you will attract those kind of people. Here is the guide to being well dressed and having style. Easy and simple.

First and foremost the essential needs are a blazer, some jeans, a nice watch, nice jacket, a tie, a good dark suit, some nice shoes. You can do so many things with this, combine then in so many different ways.

econd of all, look for clothing that looks great on you. You can choose by color, fit, personality, Mood. All these things can apply to your style. Especially personality, if your outgoing bright colors may be the way to go people always reflect your clothes off your personality. And it’s all about the FIT, something I didn’t realize when I was younger.
Third, try to be versatile. By this I mean always try new things with your style. The more your try the better your style will become. Because you will find out your likes and dislikes. Poca dots may look bad on someone else but on you they may look perfect, you’ll never know until you try. Once you conquer a different style your style will expand. Think of it like acquiring a new company or real estate.

Do not follow the latest trend, merely use them as guidance towards your own style. Incorporate them don’t follow them. Trends die out, style is eternal.

Always smell good! This is important because you cannot wear good clothing smelling bad
Never buy something expensive first, always look for alternatives. Sometimes the cheaper stuff may look better on you. Remember this people pay for more expensive items for the fit, so if something cheaper looks good on you go with that. Stores don’t matter as long as it looks great on you.

Always have a list and budget. Specific items you are looking for, different prices, locations, phone numbers. This saves you time so you won’t scramble around trying to find something. I like to go in find the item and get out.

Keep a good tailor on stand by. You might have bought something too big or too small. Remember it’s ALL ABOUT THE FIT.


I Aspire To Be Something BIGGER...I Don't Want To Be The Next Jay-Z...I Want To Be The Person Responsible For Making Jay-Z A Success...I Rather Help Someone Achieve Their Dreams And At The Same Time Achieve Mines...I've Always Been More Like An Executive Than A Worker...I Like The Behind The Scenes More Than I Like To Be In The Camera....Artist Get Rich..Executives Get Wealthy....With That Being Said Here's One Of The People I Aspire To Be...I Recently Been Doing Research On This Person And He Has Quickly Become One Of My Idols...Many Of You May Not Be Familiar With Him But Steve Stoute Is Responsible For Some Of Your Biggest Acts Now...Being That I'm A Marketing Major His Is Like The Urban Marketing BIG HOMIE! A Person I Aspire To Be....-H.G.-

Record company executive Steve Stoute, one of the top-ranked black executives in the music business, has ushered a number of talented artists to stardom, but has always maintained a low public profile. Stoute was born in the early 1970s and grew up in Hollis, a section of Queens, New York. His parents were immigrants from Trinidad, and he spent time at Syracuse University before taking a position in 1990 as a manager for bands. He quickly moved up in the music business, becoming involved with TrackMasters, a production team, that helped craft hits for Will Smith, L.L. Cool J., Mary J. Blige, and Mariah Carey. Eventually Stoute was hired by Sony Music, and served as manager of fellow Queens native and rapper Nas, also known as Nasir Jones and the son of musician Olu Dara.

"A Lil Something For The Ladies"

Just Some Looks From Fashion Week 2010 I Wouldn't Mind Seeing My Lady In And Out Of Lol ;-)


Fuck All Black...Mackage Spring 2010


TIBI 2010


Hilfiger 2010


Tory Burch 2010

Wrap Up....I Look Not So Much In The Brand But The Look...I Just Seen All Black Everywhere...And That Was Cool...But I Think It's Time To Bring The Color Back! Ladies What Ya Think?

"My Thoughts"

I Got A LOT On My Minds....Work, School, Ladies....Everything!...I Don't Have An Official Job But Don't Tell That To My Schedule...Between My Blog, Designing Stuff For The Foundation, Just Added A Gym Schedule (Still Sore)...Writing, School, Studying And Not To Mention...Trying To Look For A Real Job Lmfao Shit Is Hectic...In Terms Of The Ladies I've Been Playin Around....I Say I Want A Girlfriend But Don't Do The Search...I've Pretty Much Given Up On Tryna Settle Down For Now Because I Got The Grind On My Mind...All Im Thinkin About Is My Next Move...Tryna Build A Future While Advancing Myself In This World...To Bigger And Better Things...Attaining Wealth...So If I Get A Lady I Want To Be Able To Devote My Undivided Attention To Her...But The Market Is Slim Aswell The Lady I'm Lookin For Is Like An Endangered Species...I Just Want A Girl I Could Build With...She Gotta Be A Boss Bitch (No Offense) But At The Sametime We Can Make It Together...But Every Girl Out Here Are All About Themselves..As They Should Be I Don't Blame Em Cuz Us Fellas Are Not Treatin Them Right...I Pride Myself In Being The Last REAL GOOD NIGGA Out There...And It Seems Like The Ladies Are Quick To Say "It's Too Good To Be True"...It's Like They Expecting Me To Fuck Up So They Won't Even Take Their Chances They Afraid To Love...It's Like We In A Duel Who's Shooting First...Whoever Fucks Up First Wins...But I'm Tryna To Say Ladies It's Ok To Love...Let Your Guard Down...You Might Be Missin Out On Me...Every Loss Is A Lesson Learned On How To Do It The Right Way...And Not Doing It At All Is The Wrong Way...Call Me Soft, Call Me Old Fashioned, Sensitive, I Don't Give A Fuck...I Love To Love...So I Will Always Love My Lady To The Fullest The RIGHT WAY! So If You Out There Make Yourself Be Seen (LL COOL J Voice) Lol...

"Love King"

In Rotation....Click The Pic To Download...

"The Big Homie New Blog"

Click Here Or The Pic To View...

"Mafia Music 2 Video"

Here's The Video For Mafia Music 2....Not What I Expected But It's Good.

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Real Hip Hop Vs. Pop Hip Hop!

I Fucks With O Lets Do It...I Think There's A Certain Method That Goes Into Making A Record Like That...My Problem Is Rappers Not Owning Up To There No Lyrics Having Style...Niggaz Gotta Start Admitting They Fuckin WACK! So We Can Move On...Don't Keep Killing Hip Hop With Your Stupid Ass Records And Believing They Nice Smfh! I Respect Waka Flocka For Owning Up To His Shit!

This Video Says ALOT...This Argument Is A Vast One! But Not That Hard To Figure Out...I Mean Hip Hop Has Changed Drastically! I Believe Since No One Is Buying Records The Quality Of The Product Has Dropped. I Been Saying This Since The Bumble Gum Rap Emerged! Watcha Think?! People Love The Song But The CD Is Trash! Why Buy It! And Some Of Our Old M.C. Are Conforming To This New Style Of Rap...Also Real Hip Hop Is Not Commercial...Real Hip Hop Is Born In The Struggle...In The Gutter, Real Life!... We NEED TO RESTORE HIP HOP!!


Dem Bronx Boyz!

"If you're afraid to fail, then you're probably going to fail,"

Continuation Of Kobe Bryant's GQ Spread...

"Bryant approaches every subject-especially basketball, which he calls his "craft"-by breaking it into parts. Though not a big reader, he enjoys studying all kinds of geniuses, from da Vinci to Daniel Day-Lewis, and his method of study is to separate them into manageable components. "What sets him apart from others is his thirst for knowledge," says his friend, actress Hilary Swank. "He uses every way, and then some, to learn more about the art of life, getting his mind out of the way."

Read The Full Interview Here!

"Drake x GQ Magazine"

This Guy On A ROLL...Reminds Me Of Lebron When He Got That 100 Million Dollar Contract Before He Even Touched A NBA Court...This Man Has No Album Out YET! And He Already On Countless Magazines, Grammys, Videos, Highly Praised And All That! Thats Wassup! LOL And Even Sprite Got In The Action The Homie Got A Sprite Commercial 2! His Grind Is Relentless I Can Respect That!

"Place Fit For A King and Queen"....Hearst Castle!

Hearst Castle is the palatial estate built by newspaper magnate William Randolph Hearst. It is located near San Simeon, California, on a hill overlooking the Pacific Ocean, halfway between Los Angeles and San Francisco. Donated by the Hearst Corporation to the state of California in 1957, it is now a State Historical Monument and a National Historic Landmark, open for public tours. Hearst formally named the estate "La Cuesta Encantada" ("The Enchanted Hill"), but he usually just called it "the ranch". The castle and grounds are also sometimes referred to as "San Simeon" without distinguishing between the Hearst property and the unincorporated town of the same name.

Hearst Castle featured 56 bedrooms, 61 bathrooms, 19 sitting rooms, 127 acres (0.51 km) of gardens, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, tennis courts, a movie theater, an airfield, and the world's largest private zoo. Zebras and other exotic animals still roam the grounds. Morgan, an accomplished civil engineer, devised a gravity-based water delivery system from a nearby mountain. One highlight of the estate is the Neptune Pool, which features an expansive vista of the mountains, ocean and the main house.

Mr. Cartoon x Metro PCS x THE BRONX!


This Is ILL! I Just Hope I Get To See It Before They Take It Down....If You Don't Know Who Mr. Cartoon Is You Need To Google The Homie Because He's Legendary To Say The Least!

He's Doing His Annual New York Tour And He Hooked Up With Metro PCS To Bomb Their Store! ILLLLLL! 3rd Ave Should Be Proud Lol



"Lets Go Somewhere Far!" Dubai...No Words!

Dubai is the definition of Luxury! High Class Construction that has never been seen!

I Got Dreams and Goals...But My Main Goal Is To Travel The World....What Ever I Pursue In Life I Want My Work To Allow Me To Travel The World!...Dubai Is Second If Not Tied For First With The Amalfi Coast...But thats another post...Peep The reason why! and O Yea One of My Other Goal Is To Buy Honduras On The World Islands In Dubai....They Currently Have That Tallest Building On Earth
Dubai (in Arabic: دبيّ‎, pronounced Dubayy) is one of the seven emirates of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). It is located south of the Persian Gulf on the Arabian Peninsula. With a population of about 2,262,000 43% being Indian.
This is a prime tourist attraction because of the beautiful skyscrapers, groundbreaking construction that has never been seen in the world! They building the World Islands! You could buy your country or state! If thats not BIG BOSS SHIT idk what is! And It's Hot! Dubai just looks sexy! I promise I will be twitpic'n from there real soon! I just want to visit some shit that looks like Live Screen Saver!

Burj Khalifa Tower

Skyline of Sheikh Zayed Road

Uptop View Dubai

The Burj al Arab overlooking Madinat Jumeirah

The View from Burj Khalifa Tower

Dubai International Airport

Inside The Burj Khalifa Tower
Dubai World Islands..SMFHHHH!
The World is a man-made archipelago of 300 islands constructed in the rough shape of a map of the landmasses of the Earth, located 4 kilometers off the coast of Dubai, United Arab Emirates. This Is Boss Shit Own You Own Part Of The World...I'm In The Process Of Buying Honduras Right Now!

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Men Lie...Women Lie! Thank You

I would just like to Thank Everyone that visits my blog again! I was on Google Analytics and I actually got to see where everyone is visiting my blog from. And it's WORLDWIDE! This inspires me so much to continue to blog! 52 Different Countries! Shout Out To Every Country Places In Africa I Can't Even Pronounce!! I Promise Imma Get More Diverse So You Might Even See A Whole Post In French One Day! Thannnnnnk You!

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"My Style In A Nutshell!"

Band Of Outsiders F/W 201o
Last Year I was on some Rag & Bone Shit...This Year It's This!!! Definitely! This Collection Is Offff The WALLLL!!! So Tuffff! Clean Cut...






"My Thoughts"

A Lil Something Different! Enjoy!


I've Had This Photograh For A While Swizz Beatz Took This Photo Somewhere And I Immediately Fell In Love With It!...It Serves As So Much Inspiration To Me... It Just Speaks To Me..Says So Many Things....I Wanted To Share This With Ya Because I Hope Ya See The Same Inspiration I See In It! The Sky Is The Limit! And Beyond That!!