Sunday, August 9, 2009

This Is History!

I Was Chillin Recovering From Summer High (Yea That Legendary) And I Reading Up On My Twitter and I See @ BET On Location: Oprah Visits Jay-Z In Brooklyn - Jay-Z + Oprah= Billionare Brooklyn Brunch.Just to be clear, Oprah and...

So I'm thinkin damn this is HISTORY....Cuz If You Follow The News You Know That Oprah Hates Rap Music As Much As She Doesn't Want To Admit It She Hates It....But Her Actually Going To BK And Choppin It Up Wit Hov That Speaks Volumes....Tell Me What Otha Rapper Can Have Someone As Powerful As Oprah Come Thru To Their Hood And Chill And I'll Give You A Mil After I Make It Not Including Taxes...So You Might End Up With A Dollar...LOL

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