Friday, November 6, 2009

"Quick Thoughts!"

I Miss A lot Of Things...But You Learn More From It Once It's Gone...It's Like Taking Wild Pics And Picking Out The Great Ones...You Never Look Back While The Camera Is Flashing...So I Don't Regret Anything Or Meeting Any Person...Cuz Believe It Or Not Ya Helped Me Become A Better Man...By Showing Me What I Want To Continue Be And What I Never Want To Become....

And I Miss The Role Model Who Taught Me So Much Without Saying A Word...Wish He Was Here To Show Me How To Live Life....But I Know No One Can...So I Live By The Lessons He Showed Me While He Was Here...Celebrate The Present...Tomorrow Is Not Promised...Only Thing That Is Promised Is Your Potential To Fulfill Your Every Dream...Once You Have Discovered Your True Potential You Have Lived Your Life To The Fullest...Crazy Part Is You Never Discover You True Potential If You Continue To

Damn! I Didn't Wanna Get Deep On This 1 lol :-)

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