Tuesday, March 9, 2010

"Tribute To The King"

"I'm Sittin On The Train Listenin To Love The Dough On My Way Back From BK As I Write This Post...No Photos..No Videos Needed For This 1...I Would Just Like To Take This Time Out To Say Rest In Peace To The King Of New York...The Game Has Change A lot Since His Passing..A lot Of These Niggaz Wouldn't Be Around..Hip Hop Would Be More Lyrical Then Ever...Jay-Z Would Probably Still Be Ridin In That GS..Kanye A Poet..Wayne Would Still Be A Hot Boy..Drake Would Still Be In Degrassi..Rick Ross Probably Still Be A C.O..Eminem Would Be a Crazy White Nigga In Detroit..50 Still A Drug Dealer..Waka Flocka and Gucci Mane 2 Cornballs and Soulja Boy Still Dancin In Walmart..Nicki Minaj In A Phsyc Ward Wrapped Up...New York Radio Would Still Be Only Playing New York Records...You Would Still Run The East and Pac The West Like Normal People Still Askin Who's Better...Hip Hop In The Real World..The Elevated Level Of Excellence You Would Still Be Displaying Would Intimidate If Not Scare Most Of These Rap Niggaz Out The Game....Or It Can Inspire Them To Step Their Shit UP! People Would Be So Used To You Crushin Everything Probaly Wouldn't Even Know What Stupid Rap Sounds Like!..And We Are Starting To Forget The Superior Lyrical Excellence You Bought To The Game...Not Only Lyrics But Also Your Style And Aura..Unmatched! Especially For A Fat Nigga...The True Meaning Of A Complete MC!...But Instead We Here Celebrating Your Life and Remembering Those Hits And Lyrics...Damn I Always Ask The Question What If The King Was Still Alive?"...


Blind Specs said...

YES!!!!!!! This is all fits perfectly together and they just had that tribute on MTV!!!! Great topic choice!

Jonathan CPR Spence

Jus Capital H said...

Good Lookin Man!!

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