Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Style Essentials :The Shades

If You Know Me Or You Are Familiar To My Blog You Should Already Know I Love Shades With A Passion! I Don't Know When I Developed This Addiction But Eff It! ...I Never Felt The Need To Share With The World The Secret To Buying The Right Pair Of Shades...Everyone ALWAYS Ask Me Where I Get My Shades From, Or Those Are Some Fly Shades...Since Summer Is Approaching I Thought Before They Kill My Trend I Share With Ya The RIGHT WAY To Do It!...

Every Person Whether Man Or Woman Should Have 4 Pairs Of Shades....


Under No Circumstances Should Your Shades Match Your Outfit, Like All White Shades Because You Wearing All White, Or Blue Lense Cuz Your Shirt Is Blue NO! No Shades Should Be Bigger Than Your Face Unless You Are Wearing Sometype Of Hat, Smaller Than Your Face Is Just Stupid! Like Fashion And Style Is Always About Feeling And Expression Always Pay Attention To Details!

I Know Ya Don't Know What I Mean By The Core 4....The Every Day Shades Means Exactly That, Find Some Shades You Can Wear Everyday, Like Ray-Ban Wayfarers Or Marc Jacobs 215, Tom Ford TF 153, Something Modern And Cool, The Go To Shades Are The Shade You Wear To Complete The Outfit, Anyone Of Your Everyday Shades Can Be That, You Can Go Upscale With Your Go-To Shades, Like The Louis Vuitton Evidence, Oliver Peoples Daddy B Shades, Or The Super Ski Top, Gucci 3100 S, Bottega Veneta BV 52s, Balenciaga Bal 0067s ...The Vintage Shades Are Optional But With A Button Up Or Anything Upscale They Are DOPE!!! Trust Me, I Have These Ray-Ban Shooters From Like 1980, I Wore Them With A Jean Ralph Lauren Button Up, Oh Man! The Standard Aviators Are A Summertime MUST! No One Wants To Wear Black Shades All The Time! You Can Wear These To Switch Up Your Style...Trust Me They Go A Long Way...




Early sunglasses served a special purpose and it wasn't to block the rays of the sun. For centuries, Chinese judges had routinely worn smoke-colored quartz lenses to conceal their eye expressions in court. It wasn't until the 20th century that modern-type sunglasses came to be. In 1929, Sam Foster, founder of the Foster Grant company sold the first pair of Foster Grant sunglasses on the Boardwalk in Atlantic City, NJ. By 1930, sunglasses were all the rage.
Invention: sunglasses in 1929
Function: noun / sun·glass
Definition: Sunglasses are a visual aid which feature lenses that are colored or darkened or polarizing lenses to protect the eyes from the sun's glare.


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