Wednesday, June 2, 2010

"My Thoughts!...Dear Summer ...Dear World"

Haven't Did My Thoughts In A Minute...Wassup World! Listenin To Thank Me Later (Great Fuckin Album, Album Of The Summer) But Thats Another Post ....

I Just Been Working Like Crazy, I'm All Bruised, Scared, Sore Up...Makin Money! But Never The Less Im Ready For This Summer 2010. Im Tryna Make Up For Last Summer A.K.A. "The Worst Summer Ever". I Just Want To Celebrate Life With The People I Call Friends And Family. I'm Young I Gotta Live It Up! It Only Goes Up From Here. I Want To Celebrate For Those Who Aren't Here To Live It Up With Me...This Summer's For Ya! We Gonna Have A Great Fuckin TIME! I Promise! I Turn 20 In A Couple Weeks Im In No Rush To Be 21, Because Of Summer's In NYC I Been 21 Since I Was 17...Right Now I'm Just Mounting Up My Ammunition! Cuz I'm Ready To KILL!...In Due Time You Will See.

....As For Love, I Got Someone In Mind...But Does She Have Me On Hers? ..Its The Summer Air And I Didn't Order A Gas Mask...Im Done.


Anonymous said...

Lovin' your swagger papi!

Thanks for the follow!

Love ur blog too!

akaCola said...

we can truly relate to this post because we are trying to live up this summer too! hopefully your summer goes just the way you want it to

Jus Capital H said...

Thanks! Its Like There's So Much To Do In So Little Time! Lol, I Hope Your Summer Turns Out Amazing Aswell!!!!

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