Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Lord Of War....The Best Movie I Ever Seen!

This Is Probably One Of The Best Films I Ever Seen! I'm Not Gonna Give Away The Movie. But This Movie Showed Me The Other Side Of Success. When It Becomes A Gift And A Curse. From The First Time Watchin This Movie It Means So Much To Me Now. I Have To Share What I Got Out Of It.

I Think About Success Everyday 24/7 365! I Think About When Its Gonna Come And How Im Gonna Attain It. People Always Say That You Have To Be Successful At Something Your Great At. Success Can Bring You Everything You've Ever Wanted. Money, Love, And Temporary Happiness. Cars, Homes. Make Everyone Around You Proud To Be Associated With You. But What Happens When You Become Too Successful. We've All Seen This In Real Life With Entertainment Stars As The Best Examples. Kanye West Had A Great Line The Other Day "Genius Is Providin Something That's A Necessity, Before Everyone Else!" But Its Not That We Provide It Before Everyone Else. It's The Way We Provide The Necessity To Everyone That Makes The Difference And Defines Your Level Of Success. In The Movie He Wasn't The First Person To Do It. But He Did It So Well That No One Else Could Do It. And Thats Exactly What I'm Tryna Do Out Here! Hitchu With Something Thats Been Seen, But In A Way You've Never Seen It. But The Movie Showed That Everything Your Success Can Provide, Your Success Can Take Away Without Losing Your Success. (If That Makes Any Sense)....He Had One Of The Best Lines I've Ever Heard.... "I Wanted To Reverse The Curse Of Invincibility?!  Everything Clicked After That....In Criminal Movies, Every Dog Has His Day...Everything Started To Go Downhill From There...His Life Was In Shambles But His Business Never Lost A Step! This Life Is So Twisted. I Love The Examples And The Plot They Used To Tell This Story. It All Tied In Together Perfectly! The Classic From Nothing To Something With A Dark Twist. Funny I Started Watchin The Movie Because I Wanted To Know Who Was The African "Leader" Responsible For Those Wars In Africa...But I Got So Much More Out Of This!!! I Might Have To Watch It Agaaiin!

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*Nikayla* said...

so because of this post i looked up this movie and watched it. It was indeed a great movie. I agree with most of what you said but I dont think his downfall was because he became too successful I think it was because he was in the wrong business.. not financially because like you said, through everything the business never suffered but if it was a different or more positive business things would have been different. (lol trying to explain without giving away any of the movie is hard)
im with you on the "reverse the curse of invincibility" that line was epic.
...but i dont think its your success that can ruin you, i think its the choices you make climbing the ladder of success that does it.

thank you for putting me on to this GREAT film!

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