Sunday, July 12, 2009

A Little Bit Of Things That Explain ME...

So I Was Reading This Drake Interview....And I Told Myself Man This Nigga Really Know How To Do Interviews And Answers Questions Correctly...So Anyway I Keep Readin And He Was Asked About The Making Of The Best I Ever Had Video...And The Response He Gave Described My Current Status With Women So Well I Had To Post It Or RT it For All My Twitterheads GBR!!....

Complex: Everyone’s been waiting on this video. Can you take us through the making of it?

Drake: Yeah. The video is directed by Kanye West. Basically we decided, as opposed to taking ourselves super serious, we just wanted to have some fun with it. Myself, being a young man, a young single man at that, I kind of wanted to be real about the way I function with women at this current point in my life. Which is, I don’t have one woman that I call my girl. There’s different girls in my life that play different roles and I see at different times, but collectively they kind of make up the roster of happiness for me.


For The Full Interview Click Here

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