Monday, July 13, 2009


I Was Lookin Thru My Blog and I Said "I Haven't Did A Fashion Post In a Minute....But I Know Most Of My Trendsetters Seen These Pics Already...Fuck It...If You Know Me You Know I Love G-shocks And I Was Gonna Do A Post Showin The Different Ones I Love...But These Jus Killed The Game For Me...I Had My First G-Shock May of 2008...I've Been A Fan Ever Since Then...If You Firmilar With G-Shock It Would Probaly Be Because Of 2 People Big Homie Or Phreel...And Phreel Takin G-Shocks 2 Anotha Level...They Have Become Mainstream And Pretty Much Everyone And Thier Momma Got One...But Phreel Continues To Be Original And Innovative...I Seen These Pics Like Last Year...Fuck It Imma Post Em Now Cuz The 2 SICK!
Fly Or DIE?...GBR!!

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