Tuesday, December 22, 2009

"Album Review Rap Edition"

50 Cent- Before I Self Destruct
Its funny I believe the movie is better than the album. My opinion on this album is unique. I think this album should've came out after Get Rich or Die Trying...It would've been considered a classic when 50 was buzzin! and the way he chooses his singles affect the outcome of the album...The shit is all over the place...From street to cufffin I don't understand the concept...but I still got some shit I rock 2
Hot Shit:
Hold Me Down
Do You Think About Me
So Disrespectful
Baby By Me
Could've Been You ft. R. Kelly

Gucci Mane- The State Vs. Radric Davis
BURRRR! GUCCCI!...Man real talk I thought I was gonna hate this shit! I expected hot beats and no lyrics...and to my surprise I was completely correct!...Lmfao but the funny part is I like this shit for a reason im not familiar with nor do I want to figure out. The album is well put together. Not a classic in my eyes for the lack of lyrics..but definitely for the moment some hot shit! BURRRR!

Clipse- Till The Casket Drops
This ablum by far is my favorite! It is up there with BP3, Losos Way, Deeper Than Rap as one of the best albums of the year!...The Duo is back! Lyrics, Beats, Content and everything add up in this shit!...The Pioneers of The Coke Rap! This a must have! Neptunes beats and dope lyrics what more could you want!
Favorite shit:

Uncle Snoop Dogg- Malice In Wonderland
This album is classic Snoop! The angelic flow and the lyrics combined with the west coast beats...#CMON SON! Shit is classic! I fucks with Snoop cuz he 100% REAL...nothin phony about the nigga in any way!
Favorite Songs:
I Wanna Rock
Gangsta Luv
Pimpin Aint EZ Ft. R. Kelly
Special Ft. Pharrell, Brandy

Go Cop All These Shits Or Download...Google Goes A Long Way lmfao!

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Tiamaria ; said...

For Gucci's album, I felt the same way! I wasn't even going to listen to it because I expected it to be pure garbage. I was suprised at Mr.Burr himself... I need to get Till The Casket Drops because ALOT of people are saying good things about that album. Thxxx.

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