Sunday, December 27, 2009

"So Cold"

I was gonna do a video that displayed all my favorite clips of this year...but since it December and this post is inspired by the #TT on twitter...#Whenwasitcool To Dis A Big Homie?...I love jewelry aswell...but this shit is D.O.A. reminds of the great lopsided battles...Like when Cam tried to go at Hov, or When Deshawn stevenson called Lebron overrated...or when Jim Jones tried to Go at Hov....Enjoy this laugh lmfao...Even Jewelers got the people that run the game and thats the Homie Ben Baller...

First Up: The Clown Challenger Diamond Some Shit lmfao

Then The Big Homie Of Jewelery Responds In Two Parts
Pt. 1

This Is The Finish Him Move!

PART 2: You wanna floss jewels like Ben Baller? cmon Ziamond Empire, not with Fake Jewelry! from ben baller on Vimeo.

I Posted this just to make the point that you have to choose your battles wisely...You can just go around challenging people that you can't match up...Know your level..master it then advance...smfh this was just disgusting...especially wen you got bodied not only from the display but also the knowledge of the Diamonds and the Pieces...and the Credibility...smfh!

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