Friday, April 16, 2010

"My Thoughts!"

"I Been Doing So Much Lately...I'm Almost On E. But I Have A Motivation To Make It Somewhere I Never Been That Keeps Me Going. There's So Much Shit Thats Been Going On I Don't Know Where To Being. Aside From Working In A My First OFFICIAL REAL JOB! (Congrats To Me!) Lol...I Been On This School Grind Heavy!...There's So Much Shit Within That My Mind Is Going Crazy. Since I Got My Job I Know I Have To Finish School, And I Realized The Importance Of It If Anything For The Salary Difference (But That Another Story). The Most Major Thing I Got Under  Wraps Is For The Summer Time. I Can't Tell Ya Just Yet, But Lord Knows I'm Going INNN!... This Summer I'm Looking To Make My Dreams A Reality Month By Month! I'm Looking To Not Only Take My Blog To The NEXT Level But Also Myself! I'm Ready For My Spot @ The Table! I See All These Blogs Advancing And I Feel Like This Summer Is My Or Should I Say "Our" (:-X )Time To Shine!...Shout Out To Everyone Supporting The Blog Now. I Appreciate Far Beyond Words Can Explain. When I Started I Just Wanted To Voice My Opinion In This Small World. Now It Has Grown To Something I Couldn't Even Imagine! Thanks! Stay Tuned For The TAKE OVER I HAVE PLANNED!!!! "Shoutout To All The Blogs Doing It BIG!" I Read Em All From The Small To Major! I Follow Everyone...The Magic Of Opinion Is Inspirational..


Cocò said...

Oh wow you're so stylish! I really love your tie, so chic! Really nice outfit! Xoxo

Ali.geezy said...

Ahh, How exciting!~ =D

Lil Dee said...

the tie did grab my attention.. so it must be stylish.

hip hop

Jus Capital H said...

Thanks I Appreciate It!...I'm Tryin Something New With The Style This Summer...The Tie Is Only The Beginning! Lol

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