Thursday, April 15, 2010

"Style Can Be Anything!"

Burkman Brothers 2010...

Selectism - inoue-brothers-autumn-2010-01 

Selectism - inoue-brothers-autumn-2010-04 

Selectism - inoue-brothers-autumn-2010-02 

Selectism - inoue-brothers-autumn-2010-03

"It was pretty clear from an early age that Doug and Ben Burkman would best achieve success as a team. Having developed a taste for stylish clothes early on in the game (it's all about being the cutest kid on the block,isn't it?), these entrepreneurial  Canadian brothers established a variety of summertime business ventures to pay for their wardrobes.

Fast forward to the pair honing their skills (together, of course) as designers at Gap Inc. and you get the picture: that the brothers would one day establish their own clothing line together was inevitable. With the launch of their eponymous label, Burkman Bros, the pair have taken a refreshingly honest "if I wouldn't wear it, I wouldn't make it" approach to their designs.

Taking inspiration from their far-flung travels and perhaps the odd muse they met along the way, the Burkmans deftly updated classic menswear pieces without ever taking stylistic flourishes too far. Maybe an eyedropper of Asian influence, thank you very much, but no more. Each season takes fresh influence from somewhere or something else, while the brothers' skilled restraint keeps the overall tone cool and considered.

The result is a distinctive, casual menswear line that is strong, sexy and never gratuitous."


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