Saturday, April 10, 2010

Happy Birthday To 1/2 Of The Duo Of The Women In My Life!...

Damn! The BIG 21! 
The Day Has Finally Arrived!...All I Could Say Is We've Come A Long Way!...Happy Birthday To You Sister...No G I Appreciate You OD...I Couldn't Imagine Me Having Anyone Else In My Life But You..I Always Wished (On The Low) I Had An Older Brova...But I Believe Everything Happens For A Reason And God Blessed Me With You...You've Been Like My Teacher And Mentor Since I Could Remember, And The Only Person I Look Up 2 And Appreciate Is You. You Helped Me Get Thru Shit I Even Thought I Couldn't Get Thru...With Your Corny Ass Advice Lmaoo And Your Tough Love...You Were Grown To Me Even Before You Reached 21...You Like The Perfect Example Of What A Lady Should Be Like...And You Know I Always Run All My Ladies By You Lmaoo...I Could Go On And On...But I Admire Your From Your Looks (Cuz You Look Just Like Me), Intelligence To Your Character...Dead Ass I'm Truly Blessed To Have A Sister Like You...Sometimes I Feel Like We Really Twins Cuz When We In The Same Room A Nigga Feel Complete...Like The Other Half Is Plugged In LOL....I KNOW FOR A FACT I GOT THE BEST SISTER IN THE WORLD!!! NOBODY FUCKIN WITH Z!!!! LMAOOO I LOVE YOU BLOOD! Real Talk And Just Like Your Always There For Me Imma ALWAYS BE HERE! Aww Man I Ain't Wanna Get Mushy Ewww! Sound Like One Of Your Facebook Statuses Lmaoo...Love You ;-D

We've Been The Duo Since Pampers And Fomula! Lmao

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