Thursday, July 22, 2010

But Before I Go, Let Me Vent...

The Realest Shit I Ever Wrote...If You Haven't Figured It Out I Used My Blog As A Tool To Relay Something Bigger!

This To The Youth...The Ones Younger Than Me, I Know Ya Lost But Ya Have To Find The Way Soon...
I Was At The Park Today And I Seen Something That Made Me Confirm My Speculations. The Younger Generation Is Lost. And I'm Not Here To Bash The Youth Because I Would Just Be Repeating What The Elders Did To Us. But They Have Gone Off Track. This Lil Kid Had To Be About 13 Years Old Yelling "YGz Up!" I Was Like Damn This Lil Kid Should Be Learnin How To Color Inside The Lines. I Started Thinkin About All The Shit I Was Doing At 13, Trust Me I Was A Bad Mothafucka But Being In A Gang Never Crossed My Mind...First Of All These Youth Need To Know That This WORLD Is Not Designed For Us To WIN. So We Gotta Be 10 Times Better Than Good Just To Survive. I Don't See Anyone Coming Out Of That Generation That I Could Say They Gonna Lead Us Or Be The Next Best Thing. Not Only Them But We Have Gotten To Complaisant With What We Have. Which Is Nothing. Everybody Is Fine With What They Have. Or Want To Get Rich But Don't Know How. Not Everyone Can Be A Basketball Player, Not Everyone Can Be A Rapper...Those Niggaz You See On TV Are Just Pawns. And I'll Go As Far As Saying Not Everyone Can Be A Drug Dealer Or Killer. You Were Put On Here To Serve A Purpose Bigger Than What You Even Imagine. I Keep Hearing That Back In The Day It Wasn't The Old People That Brought Change To The World It Was The Youth. The Youth Layed Down The Track For Us To Continue Building Them, But It Seems Like The Generation Behind Me Is Like The MTA Destroying Them...Shit Makes Me Wonder How Long The Train Is Gonna Hold On....We Gotta Get Educated, That Doesn't Mean School...There's No Leaders Out Here For These Kids, They Only Listen To These Fuckin Clowns..Emulate What They Do...The Wrong Shit..
...REAL Knowledge Is Our Best Asset.

I Pose The Question, What Could It Be? Are We Disconnected From Their Lives? We Gotta Figure It Out.

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