Sunday, July 25, 2010

Welcome To My Realest Year...

Everyone Went Left, So I Have To Go Right! I Hope You Can Forgive Me.

I Really Haven't Been Feelin The Blog Scene As Of Late....Its All The Same! Everybody Bloggin The Same Shit! Trying To Be Different Is The New Same...Im Not With The Assembly Line Blogs.
So Let Me Start This Post By Reiterating My First Post, I Promise To Bring You That Fly Shit And Originality. Imma Kill These Mothafuckas! Lol....As Of Now Im On A Hiatus Tryna Find Some Inspiration. Because I Won't Blog Anything Unless It Can Transcend Time. It HAS To Be Right!! This Is A Powerful Tool. So I Want To Take More Time To Work On My Craft, Get The Details Right! So I Can Inspire People! And If Only One Person See's This And Takes Something Away From It Then I'M GOOD! I Came A Long Way, But I Still Have More To Go So When I Return I'm TURNIN THIS MOTHAFUCKA UP!

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