Tuesday, July 27, 2010

My Thoughts....Gotta Make It.

No Shades, You Are Now Seeing The Real Me.

Right Now I'm Feeling Like I Gotta Make It. For The Money, For The Principle, For The Self-Fulfillment...To Solidify My Place In History. To Accomplish My Goals And Most Of All To Be Happy. I Feel Like I'm Ready To Change The World. I Feel Like I Can Provide Something To The World In Every Aspect Of Life That No One Else Can, Something Thats Never Been Done Before...I'm Feeling Like I'm Special. But On The Other Hand I'm Feeling Like I'm Trapped In A Life Of Uncertainty. I Feel Like With The Just An Opportunity At The Door And Imma Open That Mothafucka Up! I Feel Like I'm One Step Away From Greatness. I Feel Like I Need To Develop A Relentless Worth Ethic. Shark Mentality. I Have To Take Matters Into My Own Hands. I Feel Like I'm On A Path No One Can Guide Me On. Every Move Is Crucial And There Is No Margin For Error...I Have What It Takes To Be Extraordinary...I Just Need A Shot...And If They Not Giving Me One Imma Go Out And Create One....I Gotta Make It Because There Is No Other Way! By Any Means Necessary...Up In The Sky Or Down Under, All My Chips Are On The Table...I Don't Want To Waste Anymore Time.

.. I Don't Know About You But I Feel Like Making History.

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Ms Kay said...

Thats the right attitude to have no room for failure.When you geta chance stop by my place & check out all the new updates. If you like music be sure to check out the Hip Hop Underground section. Thanks for being a member of my blog. Dont be a stranger. If you know any rappers or singers that need promo send em my way @MsKayz on twitter.

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