Thursday, September 24, 2009

"Lets Not Stray From What I Came To Say To My Beloved!"

@JusCapitalH It Seems Every Fuckin "Cool Kid", "Live Nigga", "Fashion Foward", "Trendsetting", So Called "Different", "Way Ahead" Blogs About The Same SHIT!

I Just Read My First Blog Post And I Must Say I Have Strayed From What I Wanted To Prove... I Apologize And It Won't EVER HAPPEN AGAIN!...I Pride Myself In Being The First At Everything Discovering The Unknown...Timeless Shit...My Blog Says
Welcome To Originality And I Feel I Have Failed In Bringing The ORIGINAL....If I Take Some Time Off The Blog It's To Find Exactly That The Original Fly Shit...I Will Post Original Things That Inspire Me To Be Original (If That Makes Sense)....

...Lets Get Back To Floating In The Sky!

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