Tuesday, September 22, 2009

"They Used To Call Me Jizzle With The Stamp In The Middle!"

Imma Start This One By Saying I Fucks With Jeezy! Another All Black Everything Advocate...Beside Thats His Music Speaks To Not Just Me But Millions Of Niggaz In The Hood Strugglin' And Ballin' 2....Real Nigga Shit!...He Graces The Cover Of The New Complex Magazine Issue...Enoy World! For The Full Interview Click The Photograph!

Everyone seems to downplay your creative process as a songwriter. So walk us through developing a song.
Young Jeezy: I don’t go in the studio like, “I’ma make a smash today”—that ain’t my whole method. My music is feeling. If I just left the club or somethin’, I’ll probably go and cut a club record. If I’m going through something, then instead of it being bright in the studio, it might be a little dark, a little mellow in there, and it might be a feeling song.

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