Monday, September 21, 2009

"Inspirations"...Eno Bull Photography x Pig Department

This Pic Just Inspired Me To Share A Couple Thoughts About The NYPD...I Don't Want To Sit Up Here And Hate On The NYPD...But Ya Have To Be Some Of The Biggest Assholes In The World....Ya Were Hired To Keep Us Safe...But Ya Do No Such Thing...Ya Are The Biggest Gang In The World...I Don't Know It's Something Bout That Gun And Badge That Gives You The Courage To Fuck With Us...I Have Been Stopped By The Cops Many Times One Instance Comin' Out Of My Own Fuckin House Rite Out The Door For Some Shit About Sellin' Drugs...Does It Look Like I Would Be Sellin' Drugs One In Broad Daylight Rite In Front Of A School Dum Ass And A Drug Dealer Would Never Be This Well Dressed...My Outfit Would Scream Catch Me...Ya Are Heros For September 11, 2001 But In The Hood Ya Are Far From It...Until Ya Learn How To Respect Us A Citizens Ya Will Never Be Praised Or Loved Out Here...Peace Pigs! And I Won't Even Get Into Sean Bell And That Guy That Got Killed Because They Thought His Wallet Was A Gun Back In 90's 40+ Shots...Im Done.

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