Saturday, September 19, 2009

Pheww!! Haven't Been Here In While...My Thoughts!

(Jus Capital H x Eno Bull Photography)

I Would Like To Start By Saying HELLO WORLD! IM BACK!...Since My Departure From A lot Has Happened...Blueprint 3 Was Released So My Post About The Anticipation Are Irrelevant Now. But The Album Is A Classic I Don't Have A Favorite Song Because Front To Back I Enjoy The Whole CD. A Couple More Classics Were Released Also Raekwon Only Built For Cuban Linx II Another Classic...Also Kid Cudi Man On The Moon: End Of Day CLASSIC!!...Trey Songz Ready Dropped So We've Had Some Good Music In This Shitty Year...The VMA's Happen And Kanye Happened and Lil Mama And Thats Were Imma End That.

But Lets Not Stray From What I Came To Say (As I Moved Into My Typing Postion!)...I Rarely Get Mad At Anything Because Internet Shit And Humans Don't Phase Me...Because When You Loose You Cool You Do Exactly That Loose What Makes You Cool. So Im Using My Blog To Vent. There Are Many Things That Anger Me. Im In No Way A Keyboard Thug Anything I Say Here I Could Mos Definitely Say It To Your Face Or My Niggaz Could Stomp It In Your Brain Either Way You Get The Point...

As You May Know, I Have This Major Idea To Revolutionize Every Form Of The Word So I Shared This Idea With People I Thought Could Help Me Complete The Goal. But There's One Person Who Bit My Whole Shit. In Other Words Took My Idea And Is Runnin' With It. Im Not Gonna Say No Names Because Wen I See This Person They Gon Have To Deal With Me. But I Don't Appreciate Me Sharing My Idea With You And You Brushing My Shit Off Like It Was Nothin' But Now You Runnin' With This Whole "My Company Represents Art". You Were Never On Your Art Shit Because The History Of Your Shit Doesn't Mention The Word Art Once In The Shit...Your Work Was Never A Timeless Work Of Art It Was Just Cool For The Time Being...Nothin' Transcending About It...You Could've Gave Me My Fuckin Props And Kept It Pimpin' Now It's D.O.A. For Your Whole Shit Brah...Good Luck! Cuz Im On The Come Up!...Don't Sleep On Me Niether Cuz
You In For A Rude Awakin' Bruh...I Officially Don't Fuck With You Anymore. You Can Never Keep Real Shit Down And What Original Can Never Be Copied For Some Bullshit. The Apple Doesn't Fall Far From The Tree So I Should've Been Smarter And Wiser...I May Be Playing This Underdog Role Now...But With My Grind You Gon Be The Underdog Because Im Relentless With This Shit...I Does This! And Im A Fuckin' Boss For Real....You Live And You Learn...

"As You Move Thru Life You Separate The Real From The Fake"
...In This Case Im Eliminating The Fake Shit!
Anyway How Is The World Doin?!

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