Monday, September 21, 2009

Fall Style Guide '09...."All Black Everything!"

All Throughout This Season Imma Be Posting Different Style Guides So This Won't Be My Last!
I Recently Seen Different Style Guide Goin' Up Everywhere...GQ Has One Going...Over At Theres A Real Fly One! Make Sure You Check That Website Out!...But I Wanted To Do My Own...One That Everyone Can Relate Too...Maybe You Reg Not Too High Fashion And Not Too Bumy You Just In The Middle....Besides The Looks From Different Designers You Can Gain Inspiration From I Have Some Visuals...Not Rare To Find....Wait Till My Line Drop IT OVA!...But For Now You Can Conform To These Gems....Believe Me ALLL BLAAACKK ISSSS IN!! Im Not Gonna Tell You Were To Find Them Thats The Fun Part Of Shoppin For Shit...But I'll Give You The Price Range So You Won't Be Surprised!...LET GET FLY!

First On The List Is A Leather Jacket Or A Peacoat
My Budget Would Be :
Leather Jacket $70.00- $150.00
Pea-Coat $75.00- $160.00

Since Everyone Seems To Be On Their Polo Shit Unfortunately Get Yourself A Black Polo Button Up
Woodbury Price $3.00 Nah lol
My Budget Would Be $75.00
Nah This Ain't Chris Brown Bowtie Lol!...Just Get You A Black One Not Baby Blue Just Solid Colors lol!
Bow Tie $5.00- $25.00

Nudies Jeans My Brova Ken Showed Up Wit A Pair Of These Smooove! Or Some Kill City Jeans
Nudie Jeans- $210.00
Kill City $120.00
(A Couple Years Back I Bought Some BDG Skinny For 50 Cash In Urban Outfitters So You Could Try Those 2)
Vans! I Fuckin Love Fans The Most Comfortable Low Top Sneakers Out And Classy 2 Ladies And Fellas Can Get Busy In These And The Boat Shoes Are Just Sick!
Vans Classics $45.00-$55.00
Vans Zapato DelBarco $55.00- $70.00

Again With The Polo...Either The Holden Boot Or The Rangers Both Killaz This Fall/ Winter!
Polo Holden Boots $143.00
Polo Ranger Boots $153.00
With The Glasses I'm More Of An Aviator Kind Of Guy But The Wayfarers Are Cool 2!
$103.00- $125.00 (In My Opinion The Best Investments Ever!) You'll See Why!

Im A G-Shock Man...Either The DW-6900 Or The 5600!

Say It Wit Me A-L-L-L-L-L -B-L-L-L-L-A-A-C-C-K-K-K -I-S-S-S-S -F-L-L-L-L-Y!
Some Fly Black Jays A Lil Extra...I Didn't Put The Man Bag Because Im Not Using One Rite Now....

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