Saturday, October 17, 2009

"If I Ain't Living The Life...I Don't Know What You Call It!"

I Officially Watched Every Episode Of LTL...I Fucks With JD Cuz Of This...He A Real Nigga...I Got Up On Living The Life A While Back..I Said Oh Shit Celebrities On Youtube...But This Shit Is More Than That...This Is Like Insightful Shit I Could Relate To...I Could Dead Ass RELATE!...Niggaz Keep It A 100 On This...But This Episode Is Dedicated To The People In My World The Blog World and Why Social Media Is So Important To Different Companies And To Us In General...I Blog As A Hobby It Keeps Me On My Toes With Current Events! If I Wanted To Know Wats Hot To Me In January I Just Go Back To It On My Blog! But Yea Enjoy! And Click Back To Some Previous Episode Then You'll See Why I Fucks With This!! Big Up JD and Cast...

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