Tuesday, October 6, 2009

"The List!"

Here's My Top Hottest M.C.s "At The Moment"
...In My Opinion MTV's List Was Somewhat Accurate And In Other Ways OFF! By A Longshot...I Had A Video For This But No Shape Up Results In No Video lol...Or I Might Upload It After... Brief Insight To What Makes Them My Hottest M.C.s Rite Now!!!...Here It GO!

1. Jay Z
(This Is The Only Spot I Agree With MTV And Those Nerds At The Table..)
Hov Is Definitely The Hottest MC Rite Now...With Blueprint 3 Selling 475,000 + Copies It's First Week And Many More Digital So Going Gold The First Week Of Release...Not To Mention The Album Was Leaked Weeks Before It's Release...I Believed It Cost Him Selling A Million First Week...He Influenced The All Black Everything Swagg, Oprah In The Projects LEGENDARY...MTV VMA's Performance Everybody In The Room Was Standing!...He Has Done More For The Hip Hop Culture Than Anyone Else So Far In Advancing It To Heights Never Seen!...Not To Mention The Answer The Call Concert At The Garden Sold Out In 3 Minutes...Some Real MJ Shit!!...There's More I Can Mention But You Already Know He's IT!
2. Kanye West
I Think Yey Deserves The Number 2 Spot Because There's Not A lot That Separates Him From Weezy...He's The Most Versatile M.C. On This List Not To Mention He Has Took His Feature Game To The Next Level And Truly I Think His One Verse Was Better Than Both Hov's Verses On Run This Town...He's Also Killin Rappers On Their Own Hits From Drake's Forever, Consequence Watever You Want, Kid Cudi's Make Her Say, Twista Alright, Im The Shit Remix, Clipse Kind Of Like A Big Deal Even With That Shit That Happened At The VMA's I Know Niggaz Is Still Checkin' For Yey So Cut The Shit!! He Has The Style By Far I Don't Even Compare His Style To Anyone But Him...Swagger On A Zillion!

3. Lil Wayne
Weezy At Three Because I Feel As Tho When He Gets On The Track With The Elite In The Game His Verses Are The Weakest To Me...In My Opinion...But That Doesn't Take Away From The Fact That Wayne Is A Phenomenal Artist...He Does Shit His Own Way...In My Opinion One Of The Best Lyricist Of Not Only Now But Of All Time...He Appeals To Everyone His Tour Grossed Over $40 Million Making It The Most Successful Hip Hop Tour In History!...Also His Features Are Classics And He's Responsible For Putting Drake And Nicki Minaj On The Map...Not To Mention The Rest Of The Young Money Fam...He Signed Everyone Up! I Just #signedtoyoungmoney LOL For All My Twitter Heads...But Nah Wayne Is Definitely Up There...And Every Girl Is A Classssiccc!

4. Fabolous
This Is Were I Think MTV Started Fuckin Up!...Fab Is Definitely Top 5 This Year...LOSO'S WAY Is The Hottest Album Of The Year!! The Only Competition He Has Is Blueprint 3...Other Than That The Album Is Certified Classsicccc!...He Got Rhymes For Days That Make You Think About It Days Later...Like OHHHH SHITTT! NAH HE AIN'T JUST SAY THAT!! lol...Also Makes To Those Smash Hits For The Ladies...From Throw It In The Bag, To The Throw It In The Bag Remix, Making Love, Last Time, I Miss My Love, When The Money Goes, And The List Goes On...He Also Got The Hood Anthems From Lullaby, Imma Do It...And Not To Mention The TWITTER TRENDING TOPIC KING BY FAR! All His Topics Go #1 In A Matter Of Minutes...He Definitely Hot Now!

5. Drake
Drake To Me Had The Potential To Be As High As Number 2 On My List...But In My Opinion He Has NO SWAG!...Drake In My Opinion Is One Of Those Rappers That Sound Good On The Track And Behind The Scenes...But As Soon As I See Him In Videos And Live His Appeal Just Drops To Zero And I Think Of The Nigga As A Nerd!...But Otha Than That He's Definitely Top 5 His BUZZ IS CRAZY!!...Everybody Fuck Wit Drake...And I Know I Quote His Shit Religiously...His Mixtape So Far Gone To Me Is A Classic...Shut The Whole Mixtape Game Down With That Release...Dropped The Mixtape That Shit Sounded Like An Album...I Listenin To All His Releases And The Lyrics Just Keep Amazing Me...From Fear To Killer...To Forever...To Bed Rock To Everything Else...Definitely Hot Rite Now!

6. Eminem
I Just Switched The List Last Minute I Had Em Before Drake...I Can't Believe MTV left Out This Legend Especially Wen He Has All The Requirements In Excess To Be On The Their List...He Released Relapse This Year Which Sold 800,000+ Copies It's First Week And Went Platinum The Next...He By Far Had The Best Verse On Forever...Crack A Bottle Is Tuff...But I Can't Front I Didn't Really Like Relapse That Why He Placed So Low On My List...
7. Raekwon The Chef
The Chef Brung That SLUMS GRITTY HOOD CLASSIC WU NEW YORK SHIT BACK!!! Wen I Heard Only Built For Cuban Linx II Shit Made Me Feel Like I Was Back In 96' With The Old White Nasty Mazda MPV Bumping C.R.E.A.M. Real Talk I Didn't Even Know The Wat The Hell Was Wu-Tang Clan Until I Went To BK One Time With My Pops And Seen That Batman Lookin Sign And Starting Drawing It lol But Soon As I Heard The Album It Took Me Back To THAT ERA! Enuff Said!...But He Sold 65,000 Copies First Week With NO Video, NO Song On The Radio, MINIMAL Promotion...Lets You Know He Still As Hot And Relevant As Ever!...He Shit Resignates With Hood Niggaz Everywhere Not Only New York!

8. Rick Ross
Real Real Real Talk Deeper Than Rap Is The 3rd Hottest Album Of 09 Beside BP3 And Loso's Way....That Album Is Fuckin LIVE!...It Has Everything...Struggle Rags To Riches Ladies Cars Money Homes Drugs All That Shit...It Wasn't An Album To Me It Was A Movie...Everyone Love A Fat Nigga Wit Swagg...Ross Definitely Got The Style...I Tell Everyone I Know If I Was Fat Nigga I Be Just Like Ross Tatted Up With No Shirt On And Some Fly Shades...Not To Mention He Has Hits!...Magnificent, Rich Off Cocaine, Usual Suspect, And Triple C's Crew Taking Off Cuz His Shit Is Live Rite Now!
9. Young Jeezy
I Fucks Wit Jeezy! And Even Tho He Doesn't Have An Album Out Now He Still Got Shit Out!...If You Would've Told Me To Do A List Last Year Jeezy Would've Been Top 5 With The Recession Album! That Album Touched My Soul (Pause) lol...Shit Was Live...Now He Still Going With Trapping Ain't Dead Mixtape...24-23 The Gucci Mane Annihilation Record And I Got This...They Go Hard...Not To Mention He Got The STREEETS!!

10. 50 Cent
Last But Not Least Curtis...He Doesn't Have An Album Out Neither...But Is Presence In Hip Hop Is Felt...With His Book The 50th Law, Two Smash Mixtapes In War Angel LP And Forever King...Also Two Smash Singles Baby By Me and Ok Your Right He Definitely Coming With The Heat!...Also His Concert At Governor's Island Unifying New York Hip Hop Is MAJOR!


Gucci Mane
So As Much I Dislike His Lyrics Cuz They So Dumb! Lmfao...He Got HITTTTTSSS!...Shit Wen I Hit The Club I'm Waiting For Some Gucci Mane Shit To Come On...I Can't Front My List Is Based Off Lyrics...But I Hate To Say Gucci Got Everything...He Making His Own Lane Birthing Niggaz Like Shawty Lo, Soulja Boy, Beside That Mario Record Heavyyy! Mariah Carey Shit Is Cool...And That Sean Garrett Shit He Got Is Cool...Not To Mention Numerous Mixtapes...If Jeezy Got The Streets Gucci Got The Rest Of The DIRTY South...The Hood Fuck Wit Gucci Heavy I Can't Deny It!...

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