Friday, June 19, 2009



Definitely I Main Reason Why I Haven't Been Seriously Bloggin And Since Myspace Is Officially Dead Sorry To Say Sexxi Lexxi From myspace lol and Facebook Is For Young Educated Adults and Married People...This Twitter Wave Has Jus Became My Newest Addiction Besides Girls Lol...I Twitter From Everywhere...My Laptop, My PC, My Blackberry, The Library Well Maybe Not The Library But You Get The Point Lol...I like To Thank May-Z a.k.a. Twitter's Big Homie For Putting Me On The Twitter Wave...Thanks!..
The Biggest Misconception about twitter is its like spying on your life it takes away you answer to that is people will only know wat you tell them...I use twitter because it offers me a inside look at my favorite artist, for example new songs from trey rite off the mixer every Monday, Up to date sports from Espn, Diddy Shit Is Jus Entertaining Period. Funny Ass Trending Topics, I like to be entertained and twitter does a great job in doing that. Miss info always got the gossip on lock. New sneaker releases, new clothing designs, shows update. And when the playoff were on everybody was a twitter espn commentator. Wats hot in fashion and wats not. I would say definitely get up on the twitter wave. Jus watch out for those fuckin wierdos like skottie2hottie or some shit like that LOL

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