Thursday, June 25, 2009

Is ICE Gettin Played?

Is It Jus Me Or Does Everybody In Rap Follow The Same TREND...But It's One Thing I'm Starting To Hate Is The Jewelry Game In Rap...Don't Get Me Wrong Diamonds Are Dumb Fly...And Jewelry Been In Rap Since It's Origin...But Now Its Going Overboard...Buying A lot of Jewely But Not Having The Clothing To Back It Up Is Just Awful...Or Even The Style Or Aura...Some Of These Pieces Make Rappers Just Look Corny As Shit There Are Some Classic Pieces Like Jay Z Roc-A-fella Chain, Or Biggies Jesus Pieces, Rakim's Gold Rope..Slick Rick And All His 97 Pieces Lmfao...The Classic Cross...Niggaz In The Rap Game Wore Jewelry Cuz It Was A Part Of Their Aura...Not Because You Wanna Show Off How Much Fuckin Bread You Got... Its Like A Nigga That Buys A Full Gucci Double G's Outfit Cuz Its Gucci...That Shit Looks Bad Everybody Following A Trend...Gucci Got Some Otha Shit 2....Not To Mention 90% Of These Niggaz Pieces Are Fake...Just Like The Auto-Tone T-Pain Alone Jus Made The Jewelry Game In Rap Corny!...Cuz Even Tho He Got 410,000 There A Million Things He Could Be Doing Other That Buying Shit Like That...Especially In The Times We Livin In Today....A lot Jewelry Or A Big Ass Chain Don't Go Well Wen You Have Great Style That Transcends The Times...I Rather Be Well Dressed Over Having A Big Ass Chain Around My Neck Any day...That Shit To Me Is Just Corny...Your Whole Outfit Cost Less That $1000 But You Chain Cost 200,000...The Chain Might Be Different But It Doesn't Make Them Unique In Any Way...I Rather Split It 50/50...Get My Style On Point First Then Go Spend Money On Dumb Shit...But At The End Of The Day To Each His Own!....I Feel Like Since Hip-Hop Is On A Down Hill Spiral...The Respect For Hip Hop Style Is Going Down 2....If The Style And Aura Return I Bet There's Gonna Be A Decreased In Ice...

PT .2...Of Some Examples Fake Or Real Idk!!...Lol

Some Of These Rappers Have No Sense Of Style...Or Jus Dress Bad!

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