Friday, June 19, 2009

My Top 5 Dead Or Alive...

The 4 Are: Ester Baxter, Bria Myles, Lola Lov, And Dolicia Bryant...They Outta This World BAD!
Aww Man This Is Long Awaited But Imma Kind Of Cheat I Got 4 And Electrik Red All Them Girls Could Get It Lol...I Wanted To Do Somethin Beside The Usual Halle Berry, Lauren London(Pre Alien Baby), Cassie, Paula Patton, Adrienne Bailon...and The Rest Of The Bad Joints I Got A Couple Video Vixens I Would Like To Buss Down Lol...Wait Till I Get In The Game Lol...You Gon See With Aleast One Of Them If They Still Bad!

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