Monday, June 29, 2009

Big Homie Does It Again...

Kanye X Louis Vuitton Collabo Interview...Yeezy Never Fails To Inspire Me To Be Different...Everything He Does Is On Some Otha Shit...

Who are your fashion icons?

Michael Jackson is the best dressed person of all time. Not today, I can’t say that, but in his hey day. When he was wearing all those jackets covered in Swarovski crystals. And then all those leather jackets and Mickey Mouse t-shirts and those tailored pants and penny loafers. Michael Jackson, he was for real.

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Im Inspired By Kanye West Of Course For All The Reason Every Other Hypebeast Likes Kanye...But What I Really Like About Kanye Is That He Does Things According To The Way He's Feeling...And That How I Try And Live Life...Everything He Does Is An Expression Of His Feelings...From The Music, To The Clothing, To The Girls...He Always Evolving To The Next Level In Everything He Does...I Can Fuck Wit That 100 Percent...Everything I Wear Or Do From The Clothing To The Girls Fits Exactly How Im Feeling...I Think Thats The Only Way To Find Happyness...Because If You Feel Good...You Do Things To Make You Feel Even Better...You Fuck Wit Girls That Make You Feel Better...You Wear Clothes And Put Things Together That Make You Feel Better Or Happier...If You Are Satisfied With Yourself No One Can Say Or Do Shit To Knock You Down...

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