Monday, June 29, 2009

To My Country Of Birth...Honduras

So I'm Watchin The Spanish CNN And I See They Kidnap The President And Sent Him Into Exile In Costa Rica....And I Said God Damn Only In Honduras Do They Do Shit Like That....He Was Kidnapped For Askin The People Are They Cool With A President Only Serving 1 Term With No Re-Election...Now I Thought Kidnapping Him Was Fucked Up...But As I Watched CNN Even More I Was Like Thats Good They Removed Him From A Situation That Was Gonna Turn For The Worst...The Hondurian President Has Strong Ties With The Venezuela President Hugo Chavez...And There Is Speculation That He Was Going To Take Those Votes And Use It For Re-Election To Turn Honduras Into a Modern Day Venezuela...Now Me For One I Do Not Want To See My Country Go That Route...But I Just Don't See The Situations In Honduras Getting Better...Honduras Needs A lot Of Help...The Country Is Riddled With Gangs, Drugs Wars, And Worst Of All Poverty In Most Of The Country. There Is No Middle Class, The Rich Are Very Rich And The Poor Is Very Poor... The Public School Teachers Are Constantly On Strike Which Is Effecting The Education Because Most Of The School Year Is Lost....I Jus Want The Country That I Love To Get Better And The Enconomy To Strive Like It Once Used 2...Soccer Is The Only Bright Spot In The Country....Hopefully Watever The Hondurian Government Does From Now On Benifits The Country And It's People Tremendously....My Country Is Beautiful And I Wouldn't Want To Be A Product From Anywhere Else...I've Always Said If I Make It Im Going Back And Helping The Country I Love...And The People I Care About The Most...Most People Don't Know I Was Born In Honduras....Tegucigalpa To Be Exact.
I Come From A African Decent... I am Garifuna...Black Is Beautiful.
I Immigrated To The United States When I Was 4 Years Old...And Its Been History Since Then....
...Imma Post More On My Culture As Soon As I Finish My Extensive Research...Because My Garifuna Culture Deserves The Best Post I've Ever Made!

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