Sunday, February 15, 2009

Killa's Birthday...

So I Decided To Spend Valentines Day With The People I Love...My Family...And Since I Missed The B-Day Party At The Club (Not Sayin No Names On Who Didn't Call My Berry)But We Past That Lol...I Heard All The Stories About The Nite Before lol...Make Out Sessions And White Girls Lol...O Yea FREE PERSE!! Stories...He Was Caught Wit A Body In The Trunk...Three No Socks And Some Mcdonalds After 10 Rite Along...Happy B-Day To My Cousin A.K.A. The Brotha I Neva Had..Killa And Mr. PLAYland Who Couldn't Join The Festivities Cuz He's Out In VSU Tryna Match My Body Count lol...But Yea Thats Some Smooth Isssh...B-Day On Valentines Day...And He Blew Out His Candles Wit 100 Dollar Bills....No More Words Heres Some Pics And A Video Lol...Shout Out To My Family The Day They Stop Lovin Me Is The Day I Stop Existing....Real Talk...Killa Im Still Best Dressed In The Fam...Its Not Only Them Pradas!



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