Monday, January 25, 2010

"Fashion Week Unforgettables! Different Shades" ...I Will Be Dropping Jewels Take Notes!

The Oversized Scarf Does It For Me! This is Fly! And The Different Shades of Blue, I Believe Aside From Black/ White ...Blue And Grey Make You Look The Sharpest!
Another Oversized Scarf But This 1 Is KNITTED! (HOT)...But The Thing That Does It For Me Is The Coat.. The Black And Blue Lapels Are Perfect and The Fit Is On Point!

Definitely The Knitted Sweater Over The Blazer Go Hard! Layering With A Twist.
This Is Just Timeless ...To Much Flyness Going On Here! I Let You Figure This One Out!

The Bowtie And The Scarf Is Are FLY! This Man Is Known For Perfecting This Look!

Definitely The Karl Pin Seems To Fit This Jacket Perfect... One Accessory Can Make The Whole Outfit. And If That Don't Work The Color Combo Is Flawless! Plaid Is Always GREAT!

This Is My Favorite By FAR! All Different Shades Of Grey... The Scarf The Blazer The Gloves...Timeless!
Scuff Perfected! Vintage Aviators!

No Comment! FLY!

I Seen Alot of images of Fashion week this year ....But I Never seen the people outside the runway and what they wear ... I seen this a couple weeks back but I read ( And I Love How Mr. L.A.S. broke it down inspired me to make my own! Tommy Ton took these images for GQ the men out and about and the different styles! SHEEESSHHH!!!! I Can see pieces of my style in each one of these images thats why there my unforgettables!

...Might Have More Stay Tuned! To See The Full Images Click The GQ!!

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