Tuesday, January 12, 2010

My Thoughts! 2010

I Would Like To Formally Welcome Ya To My 2011 I mean 2010 Blog lol...I Was Contemplating a Name Change...FUCK IT! I Started My Blog Around This Time Last Year...And I Can't Believe It's Been A Year Already Shit...Wen I Started I Promised Originality and Fly Shit! I Hope I Accomplished That So Far...I Would Also Like To Say Thank You Again For Readin Up!...The Promise Still Remains The Same ALL FLLLLLLLLLLY Shit! Keep Rockin With Me Thru 2010 And Beyond...I Got A Checklist Of Stuff I Want To Accomplish This Year And Takin All My Endeavors To The Next Level Is At The TOP of My List! First Time In My Life I Mapped Out My Goals...I Always Only Have One Clear Cut Goal And That Just To Become A Better Man For The People That Love Me....Celebrate And Live Life To The Fullest...I Hope This Years Brings Ya Everything Ya Desire And More...Good Health...Good Wealth...Love And Happiness!

Don't Chase Money...Chase Happiness Real Talk!


Breaking News: After My Semester Off And A Winterm At F.I.T...I Might Be Returning To An Old Place The University Of Bridgeport (To Be Continued)...Stick And Stay!

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