Tuesday, January 12, 2010


(A .0000000000001 of My Collection) Lol.
I thought I was a Polo HEAD! Until I seen this! I always loved polo since birth...but I was never obsessed! About 95% of my wardrobe is Ralph Lauren but I still don't feel it's complete...This video is mind blowing for me....niggaz out there robbing and stealing for R.L. all you self proclaimed Polo Kings would ya go this far for your shit?! NO! It Makes you reconsider your title...cuz it sure as hell made me reconsider mines...5 Percenter! Rugby Don't Make You A Polo King...The Lo-Lifes just CONFIRMED my Claims!...

"The Lo Lifes were originally composed of two boostin' posse's from different sections in Brooklyn. There was the Crown Heights half who were originally known as "Ralphies Kids" (Ralph Lauren's Kids). That name was made by G-George who lived on St.Johns and Utica Ave, which was also where "Ralphies Kids" could be found. Then there was the Brownsville half who were originally called POLO U.S.A. (UNITED SHOPLIFTERS ASSOCIATION). That name being made up by Ski-Lo and Pumpkin (Rest In Peace). The Brownsville half were all mostly from the Marcus Garvey Village with others from Van Dyke Houses"

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