Monday, January 11, 2010

In Rotation! Good Music!

For 2010 I'm Fuckin Wit Classic Music!! And This Project Is A Classic! When I Say Classic It GOES AS FOLLOWS!!! Classic Content, Classic Beats, Classic Lyrics To Back Em Up...The Full Slice! Beside Jay, 50, Fab, Raekwon....NEW YORK CITY HIP HOP SCENE IS WIDE OPEN...PEOPLE ARE WAITING FOR THE NEXT PERSON TO FILL THAT VOID!! But Enuff Imma Let The Music Speak For Itself!! Look Out For Buddy Mylez, BXL And All That In The Future!

"The Buddy Mylez Experience!"
1. Have You Heard
2. Call Me Mylez (Mylez Meng)
3. I'm So Hot
4. Heartless Freestyle
5. Playa Tip
6. Erotica ft. Devo Diamond
7. Stripper Dreamz
8. Feed Me
9. Large Amounts ft. Buddy Mylez
10. Buddah Baby!
11. I Ain't Trickin'
12. Tryin' Girlz
13. Would U Let Me
14. Stay For A While
15. I'm So Hot (International remix)
16. Give a What
17. Zoned Out
18. Pocketz Full of Paper

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