Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Marcus Troy x Bespoke AF1

I'm super creative I've already drew up a couple kicks!.....But I always wanted to see in first hand the process that goes into it...shit always been type secretive...Not on no nike id bullshit...but getting an actual blank shoes and creating something classic! I know all the blog heads seen this before but I felt like this was major and I had to post it! Recently Marcus Troy a fellow blogger hit up Mercer 21 to design his own shoe! Shit I went to mercer to look for some Griffeys I knew you could design something to an extent but I didn't know full production was going on in there! They conned me lol..

These two videos break down EVERYTHING! From choosing the colors of the laces to the FINISHED PRODUCT!...I was taking notes!

Marcus Troy x Nike Bespoke Air Force 1 from Marcus Troy on Vimeo.

Marcus Troy for from Marcus Troy on Vimeo.


Side Note: A while back they said that Marcus Troy was a ghost blogger for Kanye West..I don't believe it was for Yeezy but a couple of people in his team was definitely re-posting some of shit! That Dope His Blog is Pure Inspiration...Check It Out!

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ENO ONE.... said...

Cuz I aint even gonna lie, I was a lil sick watching this, cause its secretly been my dream to have my very own Air Force 1 and Air Max 1. But this is straight dope non the less... glad you posted this meng!

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