Monday, January 25, 2010

"My Thoughts! Im Only Human!"

I'm only human... If you visit my blog you may see some grammar errors ...I'm only human ...If your a "style head" or a "blog expert" you might see some old shit as a new post ....I'm only human ... If your a "hater" and visit my blog and think my content is wack FUCK YOU! Nobody put a Gun to your Head and told to you to Visit ...Get The Fuck On!...I Post shit I LIKE! I SEE and I LOVE! o yea I'm only human! Im looking at the BIG PICTURE it's not about what's CURRENT it's about what can TRANSCEND TIME 10, 20, 30 Years from now (if we get to live that long) Shit that will STILL be FLY! And Im Gonna Start Posting More On My Attire So The Haters Could Shut The Fuck Up And Stop Saying I Post It But Don't Wear It! Stay Tuned!

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