Monday, January 18, 2010

My Thoughts Im Just "Tired of The Bullshit!"

Posting this via Blackberry: I was just chillin in my crib..and I read some shit people really like to bullshit on websites etc. I can never understand why people fuckin front and for who? You say shit to make yourself more important than what you really build up a person that you aren't and hopin if you front enough you become that person never knowing who you truely are. I'm tired of that shit! Like if you a wack bitch or a weak nigga just better yourself don't talk shit or front for facebook, twitter or watever you on JUST MAKES YOU LOOK EVEN WORST. They should ban you for identity THIEF!!!! Cuz I seen some of these fronters in real life and THAT AIN'T YOU! I feel like I'm meeting a whole new person. I'm posting this from my berry cuz I couldn't wait to get on my PC. Like it 2010 and you still a fuckin loser no matta how much you front I don't believe you! You will always be a fuckin L! Losin forever!

Anotha shit I been dealing with is this school shit! I was suppose to be a UB but my loan aint come thru so I'm back in the city. I don't understand why a bullshit school is so fuckin expensive. Like a degree from there imma be flippin burgers off it in Mcdonalds down the block from my crib in $100,000+ debt. I'm a fuckin BOSS and I got bigger dreams so I guess everything happen for a reason. I got love for everyone up there and to each is own! Stay focused!

..O yea watchin this CNN shit on Haiti they have celebrities in there answering phones and shit talkin bout they need cash. Like cut the bullshit all ya MULTI-MILLIONAIRES! Diddy there $400+ mil, Russell there +300 mil, Mick Jagger called in he got a Bil+, JLO $250 mil, Kobe Bryant $100+ mil, Danny Glover, Ben Stiller, Pras and so on everybody there money is LONG..ya could donate a Million each ya don't need us to donate shit! (This has nothing to do with Haiti) Just What The FUCK ya make all this bread for if you can't put it to GOOD USE! Answering phones?! Fuck Outta Here! We buy ya shit and watch ya movies it time for Ya to step up! Actors, Rappers, Athletes LET'S GOOO!!!!!!

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