Wednesday, February 3, 2010

"Black History Month II"....

If This Could Leave You With Anything I Want It To Leave You With This:
See Thru The BULLSHIT! Ask Yourself Why Is Your REALITY the way it is...Why do you feel like you can't advance in this world without money, without school...Why is it that a person's success is defined by the amount of money they have? (People Swear It Doesn't But Lets Keep it 100 it DOES!) or how many degrees you attain? Why is it the only way you can get rich is with a Ball or a Mic?!...A Script or By Joining some shit?! You don't have to be in school to be educated. School in not only the place you READ, Watch Videos, Learn new things....Money, Cars, Clothes shouldn't define your status in this world. Your OVERALL KNOWLEDGE Should! I'm in NO WAY anti school ...School is a great place to gain knowledge...But is it the knowledge you NEED to SURVIVE? or is it the knowledge you WANT To KNOW To SURVIVE? ... And you don't need any of that to gain a good education. I Don't wanna be that crazy nigga you look at in the subway like this nigga is bugged lol...But take a look at your reality...and you tell me! Ask yourself why are you in the situations your in? Why you live in the neighborhoods you live in? Why are all of us locked up? Why are all our real leaders not here to LEAD US?! Just be inspired to change your REALITY! Stop being a minority and become The MAJORITY!...Stop thinkin everything is alright the way it is...stop conforming my niggaz! Start changing shit! Most people don't wanna hear this cuz they scared of the truth oh this nigga buggin...But you can see it yourself like I said take a look at your own reality...Us BLACK People Used to Be Known For Dreaming, Defining The Odds, Revolutionizing Shit! We Descendants from Kings...Every Tribe and Community Had A Kings and Queens...When Did This Stop?! Now The Only Time We Do Shit Like That Is In Sports, Or Rapping, Being A Puppet....Seems like we changed for the worst! We think we winning but we LOSING! We Definitely better than THIS! And If only one person reads this and is inspired to change shit! I Could live with that because thats one more EDUCATED person than we had before.

People Can Say H You think your perfect. But In Reality I'm far from it. I have mad shit against me, I Live In The South Bronx (One Strike) , I'm in a ton of Debt from this college shit (Reminded Everyday of It) (2 Strikes) , My future is uncertain (3 strikes)...But I Know one thing Imma keep going and hoping one day to see CHANGE! and like the Homie Sam Cook sang "CHANGE GON COME" you can Believe THAT!

President Obama Is Cool But I'm not counting on him for ANYTHING! He doesn't even know his own future 10 years from now...Remember that ..You can make your future!



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I dig this blog. You get an Instant follow from me

Jus Capital H said...

Good Lookin Homie!

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