Friday, February 19, 2010

Real Hip Hop Vs. Pop Hip Hop!

I Fucks With O Lets Do It...I Think There's A Certain Method That Goes Into Making A Record Like That...My Problem Is Rappers Not Owning Up To There No Lyrics Having Style...Niggaz Gotta Start Admitting They Fuckin WACK! So We Can Move On...Don't Keep Killing Hip Hop With Your Stupid Ass Records And Believing They Nice Smfh! I Respect Waka Flocka For Owning Up To His Shit!

This Video Says ALOT...This Argument Is A Vast One! But Not That Hard To Figure Out...I Mean Hip Hop Has Changed Drastically! I Believe Since No One Is Buying Records The Quality Of The Product Has Dropped. I Been Saying This Since The Bumble Gum Rap Emerged! Watcha Think?! People Love The Song But The CD Is Trash! Why Buy It! And Some Of Our Old M.C. Are Conforming To This New Style Of Rap...Also Real Hip Hop Is Not Commercial...Real Hip Hop Is Born In The Struggle...In The Gutter, Real Life!... We NEED TO RESTORE HIP HOP!!


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