Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy V-Day...My Thoughts!

And I Will Stick By My Words! ....I Think Valentines Day Is So Overrrrated! If I Had My Lady I Would Love Her The Same The Whole Year! Why Buy Her Gifts Today? Everyday Should Feel Like A Gift...Because Having Love Is A Gift In Itself...Not Just One More Day Than The Other... Smh And If You Single On Valentines Day Ladies Ya Not I'm Your Valentines! Enjoy!! ;-D

...I Have A Special Lady In Mind...Crushin On Her Like A 5th Grader Idk How To Act Lmfao... I Want To Say How I Feel But You Already Know How That Gooo...(Like The Last Scene In Hitch!) I Hate Playing...And I'll Leave It At That...LOL :-D

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