Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Peep A Lil Article I Wrote On How To Attain Your Own Style...It's More But Here's A Lil Preview For Now! Basic Rules.


They say a person should always be well dressed no matter what the occasion is. By well dressed I don’t mean into the latest trend or fashion, well dressed meaning nice and presentable. Believe it or not there is a hidden art to being well dressed and it’s called style. Everyone has their own unique style. Style can be many things, but mostly taking something and making it your own. But if your one of those people that lack style or want to advance your style this is a must read.
Let me start off with my story. When I was younger I did not have any type of style. I was in no way presentable to the public, because once my mother stopped dressing me I felt like I could wear anything I wanted. I didn’t know any essential, anything about fit, comfort, colors, sizes especially. I was wearing clothes that were 2x my size all in all I thought I was fresh. But in reality I was far from it. I was into the latest trend and didn’t see the importance in being well dressed at all times.
Being well dressed is important for many reasons. It first of all gives people reason to respect you. People tend to judge you by your exterior, and you can’t blame them because it’s the first thing they see. A great man once said “style provides a mirror into your soul” So if you’re well put together on the outside that means you’re well put together on the inside as well. I believe this is true, because every time I get dressed I feel as though the world is watching. Another reason why being well dressed is important is because you attract people by how you wear certain things. If your always dressing casual or flashy you will attract those kind of people. Here is the guide to being well dressed and having style. Easy and simple.

First and foremost the essential needs are a blazer, some jeans, a nice watch, nice jacket, a tie, a good dark suit, some nice shoes. You can do so many things with this, combine then in so many different ways.

econd of all, look for clothing that looks great on you. You can choose by color, fit, personality, Mood. All these things can apply to your style. Especially personality, if your outgoing bright colors may be the way to go people always reflect your clothes off your personality. And it’s all about the FIT, something I didn’t realize when I was younger.
Third, try to be versatile. By this I mean always try new things with your style. The more your try the better your style will become. Because you will find out your likes and dislikes. Poca dots may look bad on someone else but on you they may look perfect, you’ll never know until you try. Once you conquer a different style your style will expand. Think of it like acquiring a new company or real estate.

Do not follow the latest trend, merely use them as guidance towards your own style. Incorporate them don’t follow them. Trends die out, style is eternal.

Always smell good! This is important because you cannot wear good clothing smelling bad
Never buy something expensive first, always look for alternatives. Sometimes the cheaper stuff may look better on you. Remember this people pay for more expensive items for the fit, so if something cheaper looks good on you go with that. Stores don’t matter as long as it looks great on you.

Always have a list and budget. Specific items you are looking for, different prices, locations, phone numbers. This saves you time so you won’t scramble around trying to find something. I like to go in find the item and get out.

Keep a good tailor on stand by. You might have bought something too big or too small. Remember it’s ALL ABOUT THE FIT.


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Well said, as if it was coming out of my own mouth but in a much nicer way! I like the way you think man, we need more young guys like you out there expressing style and not just trend following, keep it up!

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