Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Feel So Good!

Video Description: I Was Watching A Classic Mase Video Feel So Good ...And I Brought Me Back To The Time When Me And My Brovas Did A Soultrain Line In My Old College Lounge ...God Damn I Fuckin Miss Em! (No Bruno) Lol... We Had So Much Fun...The Shit Started Out As An Idea In My Dorm...We Was All Chillin And Then We Said Fuck It Lets Make A Video ...Idk Who Thought Of The Soul Train Like But It Turned Out To Be A Classic! Enjoy! Peep My Moves! Shoutout To The LIVEST Niggaz That School Will EVER SEE!

....And Here Go The Mase Video So You Could Make Your Own Dances And Soultrain Line!

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