Wednesday, February 24, 2010

"My Thoughts"

I Got A LOT On My Minds....Work, School, Ladies....Everything!...I Don't Have An Official Job But Don't Tell That To My Schedule...Between My Blog, Designing Stuff For The Foundation, Just Added A Gym Schedule (Still Sore)...Writing, School, Studying And Not To Mention...Trying To Look For A Real Job Lmfao Shit Is Hectic...In Terms Of The Ladies I've Been Playin Around....I Say I Want A Girlfriend But Don't Do The Search...I've Pretty Much Given Up On Tryna Settle Down For Now Because I Got The Grind On My Mind...All Im Thinkin About Is My Next Move...Tryna Build A Future While Advancing Myself In This World...To Bigger And Better Things...Attaining Wealth...So If I Get A Lady I Want To Be Able To Devote My Undivided Attention To Her...But The Market Is Slim Aswell The Lady I'm Lookin For Is Like An Endangered Species...I Just Want A Girl I Could Build With...She Gotta Be A Boss Bitch (No Offense) But At The Sametime We Can Make It Together...But Every Girl Out Here Are All About Themselves..As They Should Be I Don't Blame Em Cuz Us Fellas Are Not Treatin Them Right...I Pride Myself In Being The Last REAL GOOD NIGGA Out There...And It Seems Like The Ladies Are Quick To Say "It's Too Good To Be True"...It's Like They Expecting Me To Fuck Up So They Won't Even Take Their Chances They Afraid To Love...It's Like We In A Duel Who's Shooting First...Whoever Fucks Up First Wins...But I'm Tryna To Say Ladies It's Ok To Love...Let Your Guard Down...You Might Be Missin Out On Me...Every Loss Is A Lesson Learned On How To Do It The Right Way...And Not Doing It At All Is The Wrong Way...Call Me Soft, Call Me Old Fashioned, Sensitive, I Don't Give A Fuck...I Love To Love...So I Will Always Love My Lady To The Fullest The RIGHT WAY! So If You Out There Make Yourself Be Seen (LL COOL J Voice) Lol...

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