Wednesday, February 3, 2010

"Black History Month"

One of the Deepest speeches I've Ever Heard...Real Talk I Respect Martin Luther King Jr. For everything he has done for us! I respect Barack speaking Abilities. But I FUCKS with Malcolm! He was just real! And I can't understand why he doesn't have his OWN day, is it because he was 2 REAL! Back then he provided the lack of reality our society so DESPERATELY NEEDS today! He was that person that saw thru all the bullshit this society has and spoke from the heart! A true LEADER! And he gave it 2 you 100 percent RAW and UNCUT No Sugar Coat! He is one of the people I would have like the opportunity to meet just to chop it up with him. Pick his brain apart (so to speak) Ask him questions like what motivates him?! What dreams did he have for us?! Where does he see society 20 years from now?! Whats his favorite suit brand lol...All these questions. I could go on and on about how GREAT this man was. But I want ya to see for yourself. You Don't Have to be in School to Get EDUCATED!

I didn't grow up in that Era but it's crazy how the things he spoke about are still going on till this day! SMFH!
Listen to the Speech and apply it to today society...You'll be surprised! GET EDUCATED!! ....EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON!

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